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    Yeah, it’s sad that era of experimentation is gone, but I think it’s not just SE. all this probably has to do with the fact that video games are just very expensive to make now, so it’s no surprise that big companies prefer taking smaller risk, what with the larger gaming mainstream being quite easy to satisfy.

    Whenever you’re ready, man. I know for certain that my first draft won’t be ready for anyone to read it, so you’ll have to wait a while to read my stuff too.

    Yeah, isn’t Hawaii the state with the largest Japanese minority? Or was it California? Either way, this game has kind of motivated me to maybe try and save up what I can to actually make a trip to Hawaii. But first, I need to write that bestselling novel Also, I don’t think Ultra Sun is as challenging as the original Red and Blue, but at the very least it’s been a very nice experience, what with the game actually forcing me to think about my party and move composition a bit, which is still much more than any game that came after Gen 1, especially the past two gens. And while it’s still not really possible to get lost and the path isn’t really non-linear, the routes are winding and interesting and make exploring this archipelago really immersive.
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    Real life stuff always takes precedent. I hope you get to have more time to do more of your thing this week then! As always, if you ever need a critique partner, I’ll always help out. Even if I am a bit busy and it might take me a while, I definitely wanna help.

    Generations 1 through 4 were based on Japan - Kanto is based of real-life Kanto, Johto is Kansai (what with its far more traditional architecture), then Ruby and Sapphire’s Hoenn is based on Kyushu (hence the slightly more tropical vibe) and Sinnoh from Diamon and Pearl is based on Hokkaido (which is why it’s both so cold and so large). Since Gen 5, however, things get a bit different, as Unova from Black and White is based on NYC, Kalos from X and Y is France, and now Alola is Hawaii, and while Unova for example felt very much like New York through a Japanese lens and Kalos didn’t feel particularly European, it seems they’ve really done their work with Alola. People even call each other cousins and aunts and stuff, which is a very nice touch.

    Glad you’re enjoying LoM again! It’s nice to come back to an old game that you don’t replay all the time only to find out it’s much better than you remember Happened to me a couple times during my FF marathon
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    Sorry for the late reply. It’s a lot and ivr been a bit busy

    Oh yeah I’m definitely not unhappy that this idea came now. There’s gonna be a ton of rewrites anyway obviously so I am not afraid to experiment now. And your approach sounds solid - whatever you focus on at the moment, it’s important that you just keep on writing really. You’ll get to all your other projects when the time is right.

    Again, both series I really wanna get into more someday, and your recommendation certainly helps. But today is not that day. Heck, who knows - I might just play them with my kid

    Ultra Sun definitely feels different, and it definitely feels like a far more complete game than X or Y. I’m also very thankful that we’ve actually got an interesting plot and characters again, after how incredibly bad the previous Gen was in that regard. I’m about halfway through the main plot and so far I can feel this game is up there with the fifth generation when it comes to my favorite Pokémon experience. Also, I’ve always just really wanted to go to Hawaii and this kind of gives me that a little bit
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    Ah damn. Was kinda wondering what you'd think of those ^^
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    Random question, have you played any Falcom RPGs? Legend of Heroes franchise, Ys series, that sort of stuff?
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    Yeah, I guess. The character is still relevant to the book’s plot, it’s just that he probably won’t show up until waaaaay later. His importance is actually kinda reminiscent of Xeno-y plot twists, but we’ll see how much of that makes it into the final book. I am doing my best to focus on just the one story for now, though. If I keep distracting myself with other projects, I honestly don’t know when I would finish it Still, it’s hreat that you got your creative juices flowing!

    I did try a Mana playthrough once but never reached Legend.
    Maybe someday! Meanwhile, Pokémon Ultra Sun has been incredibly refreshing! One thing I didn’t expect is that they actually balanced the game for the fact that all party Pokémon gain exp at once, so this game is actually challenging. The lack of gyms makes the journey feel that much more new, and the setting in general is just gorgeous and feels more alive than any orevoous Pokémon region
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    Yeah it always did sound interesting to me, so I’d really be interested in getting more into this series when I have a bit more time.

    Meanwhile, I didn’t get to write today yet, but I did draw a character today! Sometime at work I suddenly had this vision of a very specific character from my book who’s pretty much one big spoiler that I just had to draw him. It’s been a while since I’ve drawn anything but considering that, I’m pretty happy with it!
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    I had the exact same experience with Undertale, and later with Breath of the Wild actually. With both games, people left and right have been calling it groundbreaking and whatever but it was so prevalent that I really didn’t want to get into it for a long time. And with both games, when I did finally get to them, I got pleasantly surprised and now hold them in very high regard, though BotW was much more immediately satisfying than Undertale - the latter really takes some time to get good, unless you’re charmed with all the Earthbound-risqué quirkiness from the very beginning, which I really wasn’t and it took me a while.

    I really need get back to SaGa someday. I liked the first game, so it’d be nice to get those sexy Vita ports of Romancing SaGa someday.
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    Hope you don’t end up disappointed what with me praising if like that. I think it’s inportant to keep in mind that in general I enjoy open world games and don’t really have problems with them (at least from the ones I played). I also still stand by what I said earlier - even though it’s my favorite game in the Zelda series now, I wouldn’t say it’s this grand culmination of all things Zelda - the dungeons aren’t really that interesting in this game, nor is there really much delving into the whole messy lore behind the series. Though I do think you’ll appreciate the very Princess Mononoke vibe this game has, as well as the very well-told story. The rest really depends on how much the world sucks you in, I guess.

    So yeah, now that I’m done with it, I hope to write bunches today!
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    Well if you feel like you want to bounce those ideas off of someone, you know where to find me.

    In other news, finally beat Breath of the Wild and I can honestly say it has been one of the biggest gaming surprises I’ve ever had. Any expectations I had were completely obliterated and it is now very easily my favorite Zelda game.
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