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    So Jowy did something bad and now I’m mad because Anabelle would definitely have survived if she and Viktor had boned instead of being all coy about their feelings for each other
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    Well I finished the game now so I guess I'm in a better position to come back to this.

    Also a rant on Persona 4I kind of agree that there is very little in the way of plot progression for the vast majority of the game, though as someone who knew the answer to the mystery from the beginning it played out a bit differently since what I got was basically exactly what I expected from it; slice of life hijinks with an incredibly slowly unfolding murder attempt series going on in the background. And yeah, the story is relatively clearly aimed at highschoolers or students about to enter adulthood. The stories could've been more interesting by pointing out how many adults even never truly get over the very issues these teens are having, and it missed a huge opportunity in really delving into what Adachi legit did wrong vs what he was a victim of. He's a scumbag but despite the parallels the game draws between them it's not like he actually had the very same opportunities the protag had and just missed them.

    Feels ironic for LGBT groups to latch onto Kanji and Naoto given the entire point of their arcs is that their grapples with sexuality and gender identity turn out to be, in the end, a lack of a proper role model of their respective sex instead of actual dysphoria or anything of the sorts.

    I will say that in a meta-sense I kinda liked the final twist because while it did nothing for the plot it at least played to the themes of the game because of how Izanami and Adachi, and also Namatame and Mitsuo all kinda added their own spin to the case which made the entire thing an insanely entangled mess that could never be simply explained with X or Y is the culprit, but rather the truth was largely out of control of any person's hand. Though in that sense it also kinda falls flat in the whole final symbolism of Izanagi dispelling Izanami's illusions with Myriad Truths because that... kinda misses the entire point to me? I dunno, maybe I'm just approaching this wrong in the end.

    Gameplay-wise the game was kinda pretty uninteresting compared to Persona 3. I probably overgrinded early on somehow because besides Shadow Yukiko (and taking on the later optional boss in her place back when his Rampage still one-shot my party) there... really never was any challenging fight in the whole game. Probably at least partly due to me playing the Golden version, or so I'm told, cause every time Rise swooped in and power and mind charged my whole party for free it was like RIP boss, and besides that it was just a matter of spamming AoE physical moves cause they got crits - and therefore extra turns - often and healing up the HP penalty with healing spells was far more time and cost efficient than using actual magic spells. Overall it's not even like the concept is bad, it's just way too goddamn easy and AoE spells dominate the field. Kinda would've liked to try my hand against Margaret, but alas, I'm not about to play an entire new game for that. I did like the comparative lack of emphasis on Hama and Mudo skills which were always just a source of frustration in P3, but that's about it.

    Overall Persona 4 was fine but... I think it just hit me, it's made to be like a drug. It lures you in and keeps you entangled with the prospect Social Link levelups and making new personas, but when I look back at it now it was all... so very empty. Every character's character arc was smurfing done by the time they were introduced so there was no real growth to experience along with anybody, and honestly the group's bonds are for the most part seriously superficial, outside of their S.Links with the protag. All in all it's like a product carefully crafted to feel like a persona game, and even touches on many interesting subjects that could be talked about in more depth, but it ultimately doesn't have the same kind of substance behind it and never did anything to really stick. It just addicts you to it enough to have you keep going.

    ... wow even though I ultimately enjoyed my time playing it I guess it turned out a lot more harsh than I expected. Could've gone into a lot more nitpicks or details that I actually liked but that's not really important.

    Guess I'm moving on to Persona 5 now. Hope I enjoy it as much as you did ^^
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    Thanks man
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    Well of course. But I’m sure we’ll manage somehow
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    Trust me, my baby brother’s a Leo, I know how to put those in their place
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    So, it’s a Leo
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    lol I forgot to post the link. Here:

    And yeah it was weird how late Maximillian got introduced considering his only use is in a war battle and there’s only one left. But oh well. Don Quixote references are always nice.
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    I dunno if you’ve seen this but here’s a list of contests that Freya once sold me. It might be a good idea to keep up with them if you want to get published!

    Not gonna lie, I did not end up prioritizing unity attacks at all. I think Tir and Kai’s was really cool because it made really short work of random encounters, but then I had enough MP to spam Hell continuously and that was no longer necessary. Soul Eater is broken and by far my favorite rune. I liked a lot of characters but I think my favorite overall was Viktor. He is just, exactly my type of guy. Big dude who looks menacing but is actually really sweet underneath all that. Love the trope. My final party consisted of him, Tir, Flik, Valeria, Kirkis and Crowley. Valeria’s rune was also pretty broken and Crowley’s magic is just insane. Kirkis was a great support character with the wind rune I gave him.
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    Beat Suikoden and thoroughly enjoyed it. Now I’m playing II and it’s already great. The graphics are somehow a huge leap, despite having a similar engine.

    Also, I recently came up with something for my book that makes a critical change to how one of the main POV protagonists is introduced. I feel like it can give the book better focus, but I feel like it would really delay the character’s introduction, to the point that I’m wondering if there even is a point to showing the other two sides of the conflict from the inside in book one. We’ll see about that, I guess. The months pass but I’m still very early in this writing process
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    Heya, you're not too big a fan of Persona 4 as compared to 3 and 5, are you? I'm currently still playing P4G and do find it not quite as fun to play as 3, but I'm curious to hear, what are your major reasons for preferring the others?
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