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    So I didn't have a lot of time this weekend because of parents visiting (at least they brought me my PS2 here! All I need to do now is actually BUY Nocturne and the Raidou games ), but I still got pretty far in Innocent Sin, all things considered. Got Jun and went into Aquarius temple. The ultimate personas have ridiculous SP costs, but overall, I'm dealing pretty well. Though there is one demon that casts Mamudo, to which three out of four of my party members are now weak against. Welp.
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    Though on the subject of plot twists, I do find it a cool experience to have your expectations toyed with, so while I can still appreciate them on a "the author did something really cool there" level it does feel like something is irreversibly lost. At least with twists that actually have business being one.
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    Ended up watching the two videos you posted in Fynn's VMs. Pretty damn motivating =P
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    Oh, cool! Give me the gist of it! Or link it. or both, what the hell

    Meanwhile, I just watched more of the video essays on Michael Bay's Transformers. And the episode on the human women was very surprising, tbh.
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    I mean, it's hard to blame them if that's what sells. I still believe at least part of them will stick to that identity because it really makes them stand out and is the reason I love them so much.
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    I'm not really complaining, it's just amusing how people miss the point in these things. Then again, I go Internet searching with the assumption that everyone is around my age but the truth is, especially in places like reddit, that I am an old man compared to these people. Teenagers run the Internet. And that's scary because I was just a teenager a moment ago??

    I'll keep that in mind! Hope the choice feels as natural as it did in Innocent Sin. Again, I really find this whole concept interesting especially since P4 kind of does a 180 on it and in the end the people there NEED their friends to overcome their shadows. it's weird how over the years I like P4 less and less. I still think it's a great game, but I can see more and more flaws in it with its sometimes blind idealism. SMT IV also dealt with friendship but even it showed that while it's important to have people who support you, sometimes it just doesn't work out and things are rarely so simple.

    Though now that I think about it, MegaTen in general may be the odd one out among Japanese media. The power of friendship seems superior in pretty much everything, and themes of individualism and self-reliance are pretty rare, and they pretty much form the backbone of SMT which, while it usually admits the importance of friendship, is more honest about how it won't cure cancer or something
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    Just got Durga and I am so happy to have finally reached the Caracol. Mt. Katatsumuri is way too long and winded for its own good. Or maybe that's my fault for always prefering the longer and sneakier route rather than charging in, guns blazing. It's interesting how you pretty much have to do the opposite of what you do with the rest of your characters for Yukino to get her upgrade. It shows that, while it's important to let people really deal with their issues on their own with no hand holding, there are times when the person really needs someone to step in. I really like this, tbh, as much as I think the hand-out personas are kind of a game breaking concept. I saw a lot of complaining online, with people going "oh, so because I'm a kind person who helped a friend I won't be getting an upgrade?" which just seems weird to me. As someone who's been through both individual and group psychotherapy, the choices all felt pretty obvious.
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    That's an interesting read. There's also something to be said that the closest thing to a satisfying conclusion in MGSV requires every player online to disarm their respective bases, running counter to the power fantasy the game advertises. People who play MGSV want to be Big Boss, the leader of a nuclear armed micro-nation, but they won't feel any sense of satisfaction or closure unless they reject his methods.
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    I heard that EP is more challenging. Looking forward to it!
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    So I'm at Mt. Katatsumuri and the low difficulty level is really starting to feel tedious. This is the one gripe I have with this game - if the Personas you're handed for free throughout the story are enough to carry you throughout the entire game, what's the point of the contact system? I mean, I know I could make it mroe interesting by ignoring them - I am still actively trying to make some Personas - but it's still kinda lame how that's there. I love how it ties into the story, I just wish the game necessitated actually thinking about your party set up and forced you to have more variety at times. I'm pretty much breezing through the dungeons on auto-battle, and the battles tend to take longer than in P1, since the skip option doesn't really save as much time. It's really the one thing holding Innocent Sin back because the rest is really excellent.
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Fighting Evil by Moonlight...

by Wolf Kanno on 06-14-2016 at 08:21 AM
So tonight I finally broke out a Christmas present I received several years ago that I never watched. Partly because for the first time in a long time, I felt ready for it. I acquired a DVD set that featured the entire DiC dub of the first two seasons of Sailor Moon, so basically the original dub, not the new one. Original Western score, Sailor Says, and the whole "Serena and Darien" name changes.

It was glorious.

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Defining Gaming as Art

by Wolf Kanno on 02-23-2016 at 06:49 AM
This was going to have a subtitle, but they all sounded like pretentious academic papers and that kind of goes against the point of all of this.

So recently I began reading a very in-depth article series about two series worked on by one of the more influential game designers/writers in my life, Tetsuya Takahashi. I'll leave it up to Google for you to figure out why. Anyway, it was mostly a really well written and interesting analysis of the works and I actually learn a few things

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Neon Lights, Large soda, and a handful of quarters...

by Wolf Kanno on 08-01-2015 at 09:07 AM
So lately I've been reminded of one of my life goals was that I wanted to one day build my own arcade for myself. Get all the games I grew up on and just have a fun little place devoted to letting me play through the classics and relieve the arcade scene I grew up in. I've been discussing this with friends as we try to create a list of the games we would add to the arcade. Of course there would be the classics like Galaga, Gauntlet, Pac-Man, Paperboy, Frogger, and Dig Dug but I also thought about

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Trying to remember a feeling.

by Wolf Kanno on 11-04-2014 at 09:02 AM
Normally I really hate writing personal posts like this but my strong dislike of EoEO and the fact this topic doesn't feel quite "EoEO material" as well as posting it in the Writing Forum felt weird because it's a bit too personal and I feel that forum should stick to its primary focus.

So recently I came upon some writer's block with a novel I am working on and so I decided to shift gears and work on a different story instead until I recharge and have a chance to step back

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That Game Company Collection

by Wolf Kanno on 03-29-2014 at 09:06 PM
Haven't done a blog in ages and I wanted to talk about this without starting a thread.

So I picked up the That Game Company Collection set a while back and finally last December I played through it. I'm not going to bother discussing the cell phones style games cause... yeah... I'll simply focus on the Big 3 that everyone bought the set for.

flOw - Is and interesting game with some cool dynamics to it. It's pretty short but I'm a busy person and so this is actually a

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