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    She’s my Uhlan too but I do agree that there is tons of fun time magic. I’m just having real trouble determining what conditions should set them off

    Czechia and Slovakia don’t count as Baltic’s because they don’t even have access to the Baltic seas, or any sea for that matter. I have seen actually lumping Poland together with Baltic countries (Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia), even though like you said, we share nothing with them. In fact, only Lithuania and Latvia are linked by a linguistic heritage - Estonian is an Ugro-Finnic language which, interestingly enough, is not part of the indoeauropean super family of languages that is shared by most European languages, as well as Hindi and other neighboring language, with the link between all us being a shared proto-indoeuropean language and Sanskrit.

    Yeah, our cultural identity has always been a big topic for us with the bulk of literature in the romance period and onwards being centered on that. I personally really like that cultural trait and I am pretty proud to have this sort of bullheadedness about my autonomy culturally ingrained into my psyche, though I can see a lot of people taking it too far with stuff as harmless as wearing red and white eagle shirts on a daily basis, to very worrying trends like the increase in nationalism and elements of that nationalism bleeding into our political doscourse. Like many things, it’s a double edged sword. But nevertheless, I do consider myself a patriot, and as much as an inferiority complex I may have because of it, I still believe I’m pretty lucky to have been born here.
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    Btw, I am having a hard time coming up wit a decent gambit setup for my Time Battlemage
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    I have a passing knowledge of Hettalia, so I might look into it one day. But that does sum up how we’re all viewed by the world, doesn’t it
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    That sounds very similar to the word we use for small dumplings in Polish (pierożki), which is actually a diminutive form of pierogi (which, incidentally, is actually a plural form; one “pierogi” in Polish is actually called “pieróg”).

    But even though we have those similarities, Polish and Russian are actually very different languages that are mutually completely unintelligible (though with some hand gestures and similar words, you can communicate more easily that with speakers of completely unrelated languages). People are usually surprised when I tell them that, as we’re all pretty much conflated info one big Slavic mass from a more Western perspective. Which is to be expected, I guess.

    An interesting thing to note is the word for thank you, as it’s one of those things that separate West Slavic languages (Polish, Czech, Slovak) from East Slavic ones (Russian, Ukrainian, Belarus). The Eastern word is some variant of spasiba, while we Western Slavs use the Germanic riot found in German and English - our “dziękuje” sounds very similar to “danke” and, by extension, “thank you”.

    That all said, I don’t think I’ve ever tried actual Russian piroshki! Then again, over here we don’t exactly do Russian cuisine. It’s very rare to the point that I never encountered the restaurant like that. We get all the standard exported cuisines, plus Czech and Lithuanian stuff at the appropriate borders, but things from a bit farther to the East are not common in the slightest.
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    Just took a turn and entered the Necrohpl of Nabudis and in a cutscene I learned that apparently the Tchita part of Tchita Uplands is pronounced tseeta? It doesn’t make any sense with that spelling. So weird.
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    Yeah. Pretty similar here, except replace snow and sickness with extreme cold (without snow!) and medical examinations, and like, at least two panic attacks because you think there’s something wrong with the baby. That’s life for ya, I guess

    I just beat the bomb king and am super happy with myself because I figured out I need to silence it to not have it use renew and didn’t need to resort to quickenings at all!
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    So in the end I managed to write a little bit, which is good, but ultimately the bulk of my vacation time went to FFXII. I’m up to the Salikawood now with lots of hunts done and still more on my plate. Though I’m still handling them pretty well and though doing them as early as possible is difficult sometimes, the rewards are definitely worth it (hi, Burning Bow!). I also got two optional espers, Adrammelech and Zalera, though I sadly ended up spamming quickenings on the latter since I really didn’t want to revisit the Barheim passage again after that. Adrammelech was a very cool fight though. Had my mages spam blizzard on the boss while Basch took out the zombies. It was wild.
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    I think I just need to kill it before it goes berserk.
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    So I decided to try those rank V marks after all and what do you know - I’m winning! Got the White Mousse, Orthros and Marilith, but now Trickster is kicking my ass with choco meteor at critical health :/
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    I got the very nice elfin now out of a hunt way sooner than it could be bought
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Blah blah blah Top 100 blah blah blah too many good games to list. Blah blah blah, games that weren't good enough for my list but still excellent nonetheless.


Of the Classic series within Final Fantasy, FFIII was the last one for me to play, partly cause I didn't emulate very often and partly because I had hoped SE would come to their senses and re-release this title.

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My Top 100's Lost but not Forgotten: Demon's Souls

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