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    Still swing by to check in on FFIXGaiden. I'm glad it's still going. Good luck with your chapter 3. You can do!
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    Just checked in on your comic again. It's good, so keep at it!
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    I like your comic so far. I'll try to remember to check in. Keep up the good work!
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    Thank you sooo much! Oh my God, that is so nice of you

    Don't worry, my blog is updated at least once a week, so you should see more of it ALso, hope my characters are recognizable on those blurry photos

    Ah, I miss the days of roleplaying We don't really have anyone to do it with nowadays, and just me and my wife can't cut it. And I've even got a whole campaign thought out (you saw one of the characters there - I'll probably add more to the thread later )

    Also, if you ever feel you have anything to say about any of my stories, please leave a comment! Those really help me out :3
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    Just wanted to let you know, I started a thread with my doodles. It's mainly characters from my novel (mostly Griff), but there's some from my other stories as well. If you ever feel like it, why not drop me some feedback?
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    I'm glad you like it If you enjoy my writing, why not give my blog a visit once in a while, if you haven't stumbled upon it yet? The call to write knows where I live I hope it'll help me build a reader base, so that someday a publisher will be more likely to take me seriously, so every person visiting, commenting or following my blog is a huge help

    I've also had this idea for some time. Sephiroth (our user, not the character ) inspired me in a thread he made. I was thinking one day we could gather some writers, artists, pixel artists, and people with the technological know-how and collaborate to make a marvelous FF-style game in RPG maker. I like your art and what I've seen of your comic, so if anything comes out of this someday, would you like to be a part of it?
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    BTW, have you read my story yet? I'm really curious what people think about it. I know it's kinda long to take in at once.

    Also, would you be so kind as to check out my blog? I post short stories there and I kinda need it to gain popularity as a writer before I make a pitch to any publisher. If you'd like to spread it as far as you can, I'd be really grateful
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    It's actually still pretty early to discuss that, but thanks for the offer First of all, I still haven't finished it, so I haven't negotiated with any publishers yet. I don't know if they appoint specific artists to books or if the authors have to find their own illustrators, so we'll see. Second of all, I do have a certain artist I know personally in mind, but that's still not something definite - I don't know if her style will match my story, if she likes the story, or if we'll even still be friends when I get to publishing this. I personally do draw a lot of my characters, but I know I'm nowhere near competent enough to draw cover art

    But I really appreciate the offer and will keep you in mind as someone who might do a cover for me
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    I saw your post on my blog! What mind of offer do you mean?
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    It's good to see an older member start posting again. Welcome back!
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So I'm writing a Final Fantasy IX fancomic...

by Black Magic Shopkeeper on 01-17-2018 at 03:59 AM
Ok, I'm really anxious about announcing/plugging this here, but here goes... I'm currently writing a webcomic set in the world of FFIX. It's not a sequel and not (quite) a prequel, but rather a side story (hence the 'Gaiden' in the title) that doesn't even follow any of the protagonists or antagonists. This is about a barely consequential NPC known as Alleyway Jack/Four-Armed Man/"Gilgamesh" and his little brother, Enkido.
I've been updating every Monday since I started, and I'm

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by Black Magic Shopkeeper on 12-04-2013 at 12:22 AM
I killed it. I have no use for old unimportant blog posts. :I

Updated 01-17-2018 at 02:51 AM by Black Magic Shopkeeper

Personal Life LIVE.

by Black Magic Shopkeeper on 12-01-2013 at 01:37 AM
Quote Originally Posted by Black Magic Shopkeeper View Post
Well I guess after being gone for YEARS now... How many years has it been now??? 8?
I'm back
I wonder if anyone even remembers me.
But I managed to retrieve my password with the help of my sister to get access to my ancient, aaaancient e-mail address that I don't even use anymore. Oh my god is my art still on here? Are my black magic shopkeeper pictures still alive? What about my crazy little noseless moogle? Oh man... oh man!!!
Oh hey, a blog thing.
I'm gonna

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