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    I remember you writing something about how you were "realizing you were meant to be together" or something like that and then a week later it said something like "Well we're better off friends."

    As for the rest,tl
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    Yes, I remember the drama about him in your signature or wherever you had it.
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    See? If you were actually in "omg I can't believe I said that *blush*" mode, your response would have been more along the lines of "Curses! Foiled again!"
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    Actually, I was saying you've failed to convince me that anything you've said has been true, thanks in part to the fact that your drunken-posting phase only lasted like two messages.
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    Mybe not a mistake, but I think it's been a pretty colossal failure on your part.
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    Well, let me put it this way. I certainly wouldn't want to be you.
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    Actually, I forwarded it to everyone in that thread who I thought would find it relevant. And everyone who mentioned how weird that thread was to me in private. (And Psychotic, for the hell of it.) I did tell you like five times that if you told me, I wasn't going to keep it a secret.

    I can post it in my user notes or link to it in my sig, if you want.

    (By the way, that's the most obvious Roulette strategy in the history of gambling, and it doesn't give you a higher chance of winning or breaking even than losing. It just gives you a lower risk for a lower return, but you're still more likely to lose than not.)
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    You mean that smiley thread where you got a warning and I got nothing because I didn't actually do anything? Yeah, I remember that. Do you?

    Also, brb, gotta forward your message to the whole internet.
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    I do hope you remember what I told you in those private messages.
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    You know, you're not very good at this. You're a MUCH better messee than you are a messer.
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