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    Ah, okay.
    You can get Grand Soul Gems at the Arcane University Orrery. They'll be in a little case to your kinda left when you come in.
    Garlic's easy to come by and Blood Grass I'm not sure about, but I'm sure you can buy it at one of the Alchemical shops in the Imperial City.
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    I forgot what you need for the Cure for Vampirism. You need Greater Soul Gems, right?
    You can pick those up out of cases in some of the Mages Guilds. Just fast travel all over the place and look in all of the cases. If you're over 50% Vampire, don't talk to anyone, because it's likely that their Disposition will drop to 0 or, if you're lucky, around 10.

    You may even be able to find a Greater Soul Gem with a soul already, but I'm not sure if that's what you'll need.
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    Nope, it's not random at all.
    Everytime a vampire attacks you, there's a 20% chance that you'll contract Porphyric Hemophilia. By itself, the disease does nothing. However, if you wait three days and sleep, you will become a vampire. If you go to a church or use an item or spell with the Heal Disease effect, you will be cured of the disease and will not be turned after sleeping on your third day after contraction.
    So if you've still got that save and really don't want to be a vampire, just go to a church first and then sleep. There are many innocent ways to get into the Dark Brotherhood.

    Are you playing with an evil character?
    Or, rather, an infamous character, I should say.
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    Like srsly. I had no smurfing idea you could be a vampire. Apparently you can turn into a Werewolf in Morrowind, but Oblivion is my first Elder Scrolls game, so I wasn't accustom to it's amazing gameplay mechanics. So I ended up sleeping and wondering what the hell happened when I got attacked by some blood-thirsty monster. D:

    And it is an awesome game, mate.

    That's a fun word.

    Anyway, about the money thing.
    There's definitely an exploit that lets you duplicate items.
    You might wanna beat it the honest way first though.
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    How fairs Oblivion?
    My friend came over this week and we downloaded all of the DLC. It really is amazing.
    The Vile Lair is my favourite. :3
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    Freaking Roto.

    Well I can't even log in anymore because I changed address and put the one wrong down and stuff. So I'm not really MM anymore.
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    What makes you think that?
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    Then, you save just before you exit the sewers and leave that save forever. When you want to make a new file, just load that save and you start over with the tutorial completed and a pretty much stock character.

    I love this game.
    You will too.
    It's amazing.
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    So you'll just have to dedicate your first level to Stealth (in the case where you snuck through the tutorial). I made a new file when I learned how levels worked and went through the entire tutorial training only Athletics, Acrobatics, and Sneak (Athletics go up automatically over time, so that's a given; Acrobatics go up a little when you fall off of the various surfaces to get to the Emperor, so I chose that as second; Sneak was pretty vital during the tutorial to make sure that you don't have to fight any enemies - fighting increasing one of your offensive skills - so that the three skills were the only ones that went up [Although, doing that ensures that you don't finish the tutorial quest, but the tutorial itself]), that way I could dedicate my first level up to those three skills, the first two skills being expected in every game and the third being undetrimental to the course of my level-ups after that despite what character I might choose to use in future games.
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