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    No, I haven't heard of the FF Peasant before. Oddly enough, I don't read FF theories too often.

    Brahne's lack of believable characterization always bugged me too. I can see Kuja doing something like using his power to enhance her negative traits or something, or perhaps Brahne was never really that good of a person either and the tragedy of losing everyone she loved made her easy psychological prey for Kuja. She's such a flat character, it's kind of hard to say, especially her being a good person is more of informed characteristic than one players really get to see.
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    An der Uni auf der ich war ist Informatik das umfassende Studium mit mehreren unterschiedlichen "Unter"-Studienrichtungen, S&IE ist die, die ich gewählt hatte.
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    Well at least IX isn't the worst about those kind of plot details, but its been an issue since the first game. FF has always had an issue of "I know it doesn't make sense logically, but its cool" with some of their writing. Not that other RPG series don;t venture there as well, I think FF just gets more flak because of the series overall popularity.
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    Yeah I can imagine losing the functionality of a T key and trying to type in English would be a bit of a nightmare.

    Let's be honest here, I love FFIX and it will always be my fave PS1 FF but yeah, there is a lot of stuff that comes out of the last two discs that feels like the team was cutting corners to make a deadline unfortunately. The memory thing with Zidane feels out of place in Memoria, and I feel if we followed background info from the Ultimania we may be able to fan wank ourselves an explanation, but it still wouldn't really explain how certain plot elements come out of nowhere in the game with little explanation.
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    FFVIII with both the monsters being native from the moon and more specifically, Pupu though he's more of a gag than a real "oh my goodness, ALIENS!" type deal. FFV I feel would technically count but again, mainly on a technicality as opposed to a real attempt at doing the subject of aliens.

    As for IX's end area, I can agree Sakaguchi and Ito dropped the ball a bit in the plot department, but I probably don't mind as much cause it was starting to become traditional for me at this point. To me the crystal shenanigans was just a clumsy attempt to do a shout out for the Lifestream which wasn't too far fetched from dealing with the Black Mages and Iifa tree before. If this is the scene where they see Garland destroying Madain Sari, I always assumed Zidane see it along with Garnet because he was actually present at the time in the Invincible, but there is no direct evidence.
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    Jenova to me has always struck me more as Lovecraftian in nature, which for me, follows along your logic of "technically these creatures are aliens, but they don;t really feel like it as much as just being a force of nature". I honestly find Jenova incredibly fascinating or this reason so if the remake wants to make me happy, I would like for her to play a larger role though I don't need her to speak or anything. She's better off without characterization.

    Honestly its odd when you really think about the fact Final Fantasy uses aliens quite a bit within the series. Four entries have straight up aliens and a few more have "technically aliens" as well when you think about it.
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    Honestly, I feel the biggest hurdle every author has to deal with at some point in their writing is learning to accept and settle for what they've written instead of striving for perfection because in my own experience, perfection is simply impossible. When I write, I make it a policy to never go back and re-read anything I've written on that particular story except maybe a paragraph or two at the end to simply remind myself where I left off, because I have a very bad habit of wanting to edit and "make it better" and that in itself is a crap shoot cause I have plenty of half finished works that never saw conclusion because they have remained in editing hell. I may fix something if I notice a major flaw in the logic, but I also tend to plan out my settings to such a degree that it is easy to maintain some form of consistency, at least in the case of more fantasy/sci-fi settings. It helps inconsistent world design is a pet peeve of mine, so I tend to put a lot of focus on that, so perhaps that can help with your own writing. I usually write out a story bible for my projects just to keep my head straight.
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    Yes, I meant Jenova being possessed by Sephiroth, my mind usually works faster than my hands when jotting things down which is why my grammar can be pretty atrocious. I apologize for the misunderstanding but it seems like you figured it out.

    If studying the translations of a few games I've loved has taught me anything, its that translations often contain errors but sometimes, it's also just because the way these games are built can create inconsistencies since the director doesn't take a direct hand in every scene. So when the people work on that scene makes changes, it sometimes creates the inconsistencies found within the overall scripts, but then other times it creates some interesting ideas that end up changing the script overall. Reading just the few translated interviews about the development of FFVIII, leads me to conclude that game's inconsistent nature really was a result of Nojima trying to cater to all of the staff demands no matter how contradictory they may seem from a logical perspective.

    Likewise, I sometimes feel the inconsistencies in VII's narrative really come from some parts of the game following the early scripts while other sequences follow the later drafts similar to FFVI and how Celes' spy backstory is inconsistent to the overall narrative or how figures like Seigfried may have had more of a role in the early drafts before getting cut for time.

    Likewise, the main reason Sephy takes the long road to his plan is simply because the staff always intended that to be the case because they wanted to have a story about the heroes chasing down a villain. The inconsistencies with how Sephy could have accomplished everything with all his powers was likely due to the fact his powers were vague in the early drafts to begin with so they didn't need to conform the story to account for them, and likely because I feel finding Sephy's original body was likely not in the first draft of the script and was added later to serve as a twist with no one realizing it created a few problems. FF is rife with these kind of issues because these games never have a formal script that everyone adheres to with dogmatic scrutiny.
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    I feel there are two fanwank theories I can give to have an answer here.

    The first is most likely the real reason, Sephy took the long road because he was doing it to smurf with Cloud. This is especially true with waiting to have Cloud give him the Black Materia because nothing would probably send him over the edge more than knowing that he helped him the whole way, and Sephy didn't bother with direct control most of the time because it would have given Cloud an excuse not to feel everything wasn't his fault. So yeah, just plain old bitter revenge for hurting his pride back in Nibelheim.

    Theory two is less likely, but intriguing, Sephy didn't actually do half the stuff Cloud saw, but instead Sephy made him think it. The Midgard Zolom and Jenova battles are Jenova possessed Sephy of course, but things like talking to Dio or the truck driver never occurred, but when Cloud speaks to them, Sephy makes him hear what he wants to hear or see what he wants to see. There is of course no evidence for this one, but it is an amusing thought experiment.

    As for Sephy needing his original body to cast Meteor, I would imagine that it was simply due to location, with his physical body being conveniently trapped in a mako rich area required to summon the materia. Outside of Mideel, most other mako rich locations seen within the game have been harvested by Shin-Ra, so just getting it to him would work out better since it resolves the second half of the requirements to use. Another idea may be that Jenova's alien biology makes it incapable of using materia from the planet since it's a foreign being, but that theory is unlikely and personally, I still feel like the black materia came from her originally anyway.

    Sephy ultimately has the same problem that Ex-Death has which is that he puts a lot of effort into gaining godlike powers despite the fact that they have so many story breaking powers to begin with that they really don't need the plot device powers in the first place. Course I tend to hand wave it all away because Ex-Death is an amalgamation of evil, so it would make sense that he would be so greedy to always want more, whereas Sephy's goal isn't far off from what Jenova does anyway and so his plan is just a human rationale of his alien instincts he's following.

    Overall, I still imagine Sephy is going to take the long road mindrape path like he did the original, so bread crumbs ever after.
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    I always figured Sephy never showed off the full extent of his abilities in Disc 1 simply because he just needed to leave bread crumbs for Cloud. Though I also feel his obsession with Cloud was always a bit wonky in the English translation. With that said, I expect Sephy's inhuman abilities will likely get more screentime in this one, so I wouldn't be surprised if we got to actually see the scenes where he butchers President Shinra and the MIdgar Zolom in this one.

    I agree that they should have left the reveal for Sephy for later, but I also figure this is a remake for the long time fans and thus they chose to introduce him early since there is no point in hiding his existence in the plot. Chances are that Cloud's mental episodes are going to have a more visceral visual effect than the ambiguous dialogue from the original so they might as well just reveal the poor guy still has PTSD from 5 years ago. I'm wondering if they'll be even more heavy handed about Zack's existence in this one, like maybe Aerith will see a vision of Zack when she meets Cloud at the church with his image over lining Cloud's before it returns to just Cloud? We'll know in March I guess.

    I dabbled in Fragmentary Passage but didn't get far since I wanted to finish BbS first. Sadly, I'm burnt out on KH for the moment, so it may be awhile before I see that episode or even KHIII. Just more games in my backlog at the moment.

    Glad you're enjoying CT still, I'm sure everyone in the forum knows its my favorite game.
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