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    Canonicity: The issue here is that the English version of Final Fantasy VII is an official Square product that they agreed to release. It's not the fans who put out this interpretation, it is the aforementioned intellectual and legal owners. If they had wanted fans to only have one true translation, they would have only released the Japanese language version. Of course, then nobody would buy it, but you get the point.

    Anyway sorry to cut this short but I have to get going to work. Good discussion!
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    Thankfully, not anymore. We do our best to get to bed on time and get up at a specific hour
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    Re: Nanaki - English. I think that's an issue you will always have on Eyes on FF when debating subjects. For EoFF, as an English speaking community, the English version is the canonical one. I am not sure if you will like that, but being pragmatic that is the reality of EoFF.

    As far as "Need", perhaps to explain myself clearer. You don't need anything. You could just have Cloud say "NOW I GO KILL SEPHIROTH HE IS BAD MAN WHO WANT TO DESTROY WORLD" at the start of the game like a basic NES game and leave it at that. The basic story is therefore the same and you don't need any more lines of dialogue. But more lines of dialogue flesh out the story and make it a rich and nuanced experience. Likewise I think if you had made it clearer at the outset of the HM quest it would've been a better experience.

    As far as using the HM goes, I did mention this in the video - if you examine them you can get extra materia depending on the materia you have already collected. I made the point - why not "examine" the materia, get the bonus materia, then launch it into meteor?
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    That conversation takes place three quarters of the way through the Huge Materia quest. It should've been said at the outset - as I said in the deleted thread, it should've been a conversation between Barret and Cid on the Highwind. "I don't need to bring in lore that was already introduced on CD1 just because some people want to hear it again on CD2. " I disagree. The events on Disc 1 took place many hours ago and a lot has happened since then. It is a basic principle of storytelling to set the stakes and to constantly reinforce those, especially in a video game medium where you are providing players with a task to do. As I also stated in the deleted thread, a debate of this nature to explore those concepts would've also been much more interesting and given the chance for them to grow.

    As such I don't believe in the argument of "Need". In that case, do we "Need" Barret to say "Besides, I want to show Cloud the huge materia, he'll be shocked!"? We do not. Especially when he could just as easily say "This huge materia is vital to the planet's survival" in the same number of text boxes. You don't "Need" to reinforce any concepts if you are a storyteller, but it's better written - especially in a dialogue heavy game - if you do.

    Also, they don't borrow the Huge Materia's powers to save the planet. They sit there, inert, in Bugenhagen's observatory.
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    Was it? I'm terrible with dates. I just saw you wishing more people would visit your thread, then your next one talking about FF7. I assumed the two were related, but didn't see a new FFVII thread, so I was wondering if one was hiding somewhere.
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    Happened to catch sight of your posts on Fynn's profile.
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    What thread is making you threaten the destruction of Earth?
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    Looks great, thanks!
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    Oh they'll come

    Be patient
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