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    Today, 08:42 AM
    Fynn posted a visitor message on Wolf Kanno's profile
    I guess I was just swayed by its Celtic charm. It helps that it sounds like it was really fun to perform for everyone involved. Anyway, Bravely...
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    Yesterday, 10:30 AM
    Fynn posted a visitor message on Wolf Kanno's profile
    I mean, that’s fair. For me, I just really like how the track turned out on it’s own, not necessarily as a representation of what the track should...
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    12-11-2019, 10:33 PM
    Fynn posted a visitor message on Wolf Kanno's profile
    Did you listen to Creid, the Celtic album? That one has an arrangement of Bonds of Sea and Fire that I really like
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    12-11-2019, 09:49 PM
    Fynn posted a visitor message on Wolf Kanno's profile
    I feel a lot of it has to do with what I feel is Mitsuda’s vision being kinda too big for the hardware. I feel a lot of his music for Xenogears is...
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    12-10-2019, 11:13 AM
    Fynn posted a visitor message on Wolf Kanno's profile
    Mmm yes. Xenogears has some very memeable lines. Also zeBqNYLD4eI
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    12-09-2019, 07:50 AM
    Fynn posted a visitor message on Wolf Kanno's profile
    Oh man, do it. I loved my Xenogears replay two years ago.
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    12-08-2019, 11:35 PM
    Yeah, I had a great time. Plenty of laughs had! Thanks again Psy for running the show, and ofc to my cohorts in arms for making this as fun as it...
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    12-07-2019, 08:00 PM
    Fynn posted a visitor message on Wolf Kanno's profile
    They're worth a watch, tbh, so I hope you get to them soon! Meanwhile, I've finished my 100% story FFX-2 playthrough. Overall, my opinion stands....
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    12-07-2019, 04:20 PM
    Fynn replied to a thread The Golden Age in General RPG Discussion
    Iím with wooz in that I donít think thereís a single golden era for RPGs. There are games that I really like in various time periods, and likewise...
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    12-07-2019, 11:39 AM
    Karifean posted a visitor message on Wolf Kanno's profile
    Probably yeah. You thinking of any other forgotten gems from that era?
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    12-07-2019, 01:09 AM
    Karifean posted a visitor message on Wolf Kanno's profile
    Definitely. Goddamn Ys was ahead of its time regarding music in general though =P
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    12-06-2019, 09:45 AM
    Fynn posted a visitor message on Wolf Kanno's profile
    Yeah, though I imagine our backgrounds are a bit different in that regard, considering he often mentions he’s a sound designer by profession, which I...
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    12-06-2019, 09:09 AM
    Fynn posted a visitor message on Wolf Kanno's profile
    Resonant Arc is pretty cool. Though I feel he makes some grand sweeping statements at times, overall I think he’s pretty diligent and thorough in his...
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    12-05-2019, 05:35 PM
    I am not dead and I will be around on Sunday :up: I'm planning on putting some time aside tomorrow to get everything set up for myself, as Matt is...
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    12-05-2019, 10:33 AM
    Karifean posted a visitor message on Wolf Kanno's profile
    Not playing it per se, there's just this one youtube channel that posts comparison of classic Ys tunes - since Ys 1-3 have like ten different...
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    12-05-2019, 12:09 AM
    Karifean posted a visitor message on Wolf Kanno's profile
    Kinda fascinated atm with how good the PC Engine / TurboGrafx CD OST quality was way back around 1990.
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    12-04-2019, 09:25 AM
    Fynn posted a visitor message on Wolf Kanno's profile
    I think they’re doing pretty OK nowadays. It’s Western Europe that’s currently rediscovering fascism and the far right currently :p I know that the...
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    12-03-2019, 10:48 PM
    Karifean replied to a thread Pepsi or Coca Cola in General Chat
    Sweet Coke
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    12-03-2019, 07:36 PM
    Fynn posted a visitor message on Wolf Kanno's profile
    Speakling of job systems, when do you plan to dive into Bravely Default?
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    12-02-2019, 06:03 PM
    Fynn commented on blog entry Just beat Final Fantasy V in ham
    Awesome! FFV is a tremendous game. If you liked the job system, check out Bravely Default and itís sequel - itís pretty much FFV remade for a modern...
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    12-01-2019, 08:08 PM
    For me it all depends on when my kid will decide to go to bed, so 50-50 it is for me.
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    12-01-2019, 06:31 AM
    Fynn posted a visitor message on Wolf Kanno's profile
    Oh, don’t get me wrong, the context is extremely silly, but I think the 1000 Words scene is just very well directed, showcasing a level of visual...
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    12-01-2019, 12:04 AM
    Fynn posted a visitor message on Wolf Kanno's profile
    I appreciate the fact that it’s not serious at all, and I just love how it unintentionally just ruins everything about X. Then there’s stuff like the...
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    11-30-2019, 10:32 PM
    Fynn posted a visitor message on Wolf Kanno's profile
    So I'm near the end of my 100% FFX-2 playthrough and I've decided this was a weird period in SE's history where they've decided that all side...
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    11-30-2019, 08:51 PM
    Fynn posted a visitor message on Wolf Kanno's profile
    Oh, I'm not exactly upset over this. Just figured this was interesting :D But yeah, I'm now getting tons of ideas for refining the first half of the...
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    11-28-2019, 07:01 PM
    Fynn posted a visitor message on Wolf Kanno's profile
    So I’ve finished a longer chapter recently, which I’m proud of, but after finishing it I realized I’m like 99% gonna axe this subplot, and therefore...
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    11-27-2019, 11:31 PM
    See, the Wall Market, FFX-2 and Bahamut Lagoon make me think that Toriyama is a very bearable Director/writer... but only as long as he sticks to the...
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    11-26-2019, 02:17 PM
    That increases my likelihood of actually being able to make it there then :monster: But yeah, a Discord voice chat room where people can enter to...
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    11-25-2019, 04:22 PM
    Scotty_ffgamer replied to a thread Joker in The Lounge
    I really enjoyed this movie more than I thought I would. I thought it was pretty well made, and I liked the interesting shift of feeling empathetic...
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    I tend to fall more in line with the usual popular classics like the NES Mega Man or Castlevania titles. Breath of Fire has always had pretty strong OSTs as well, if a bit unconventional for the genre. Again, that's Capcom and like Square, they have always had strong music for their games. Honestly, listening to some of Yoko Shimomoru's early works, especially on the original SFII OST is pretty sublime.
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    I feel a lot of music back then gets a bit glossed over outside of a few standout tracks from popular titles. I feel the limitations of the tech meant the composers back then had to really work some magic to make something out of it.
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    Yeah, that's definitely an improvement over a lot of the hardware at the time.
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    It had a pretty snazzy audio come to think of it. I take it you've been playing some classic Ys?
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    I understand all too well about distractions. I think the easiest thing to do is simply find the simplest and easiest thing you need to do and start there. Usually for me, I'll get on a roll of productivity if I start like that. Same with exercise. I also try to avoid certain websites nowadays that I know are pointless for me, or in cases like EoFF, I convince myself to only reply to interesting threads or comments and then check out for the day. Struggling with the last one, but I'm at least getting better about noticing when I linger on the forum despite a lack of activity.

    My blood pressure is fine, it was more a figure of speech. Though it does run in my family, so mine could be pretty high for my age and lifestyle.
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    I might be able to relate to that, but I usually try to stay clear of things like that for the sake of my nerves and blood pressure. I'm sorry to hear you're frustrated.

    I'm doing okay, trying and losing a fight to stay on a schedule to be more productive. I keep piling on distractions. Have a minor vacation coming up, so I'm hoping a change of scenery and seeing some old college friends will improve my state of mind.

    How about you, other than the frustration part?
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    Those types of videos help me out sometimes, but I'm usually so picky nowadays that I tend to be more selective. My issue comes from a gotta catch them all mentality so I'll find a new series I like and then proceed to pick up the whole franchise. Kind of the reason I haven't been jumping into Legend of Heroes or some other recommendations that come my way.
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    I get that, and that's why I do regularly replay my older games. My issue is that I binged bought too many games in the past, and I'm having buyers remorse because I haven't even touched any of these games "I just had to have". For the most part, its why I'm trying my best to not buy anything new until I start chipping away at the pile first.
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    I'd been meaning to for awhile. I've been having a blast but I feel I really should focus more on my unplayed games. I've beaten maybe half the games I actually own for the PS4 and haven't even started the other half. I just don't want a repeat of the PS3 where I kept picking up games for it, but never really got around to any of them. Bad habit I started last gen. My Steam list is the worst, which is why I don't bother with Steam sales anymore.
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Interesting Routes: Aqua

by Karifean on 11-30-2017 at 10:21 PM
There's something truly magical about Himawari that I didn't really realize back when I first read it but have come to appreciate about it more and more.

Himawari has an enforced reading order, something you don't see a lot in galge without a strong plot focus. However, like other visual novels such as Fate/Stay Night can use it to drive the plot and themes forward in parallel tales, so too does Himawari use it to give us ample

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Umineko no Naku Koro ni Chiru is now on Steam

by Karifean on 11-18-2017 at 02:57 AM
Well, at last, it happened. It's been a long time coming, Umineko Chiru is finally available for purchase on Steam, and alternatively MangaGamer's own website.

Umineko Chiru - Steam Store Page

This is the second half of Umineko of course, so if you haven't read the first half yet, you can get it here.

I've stated how much Umineko means to me many a time before,

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Little Busters! English Edition is now available!

by Karifean on 11-01-2017 at 05:36 PM
As of today, Little Busters! English Edition is available for purchase on Steam!

Store Page:

The game is 20% off during its launch week, putting it at a respectable price of around half that of CLANNAD's, even though the two are quite similar in terms of sheer content value (though Little Busters contains

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Dies Irae Review

by Karifean on 08-03-2017 at 01:32 AM
Dies irae ~Amantes amentes~ is a visual novel created by Light. It was one of the most renowned JP-only VNs before finally getting a localization in June of this year.

Come, gather and bear witness to my opera, now in the making.

Its script is the height of clichť, I am forced to admit. And yet...

Its actors are of the finest fold; beyond exquisite.

Thus, I believe you will find it enthralling.

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Updated 08-03-2017 at 02:58 PM by Karifean

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Umineko: Episode 4 Tea Party

by Karifean on 07-09-2017 at 09:57 PM
You talk too much. All you have to do is honestly say 'I'll kill you'.

For those that don't know, the climaxes of Episodes 4, 5 and 6 are my 3 favorite moments in Umineko (which also makes them my 3 favorite moments in fiction overall), all for their own individual reasons. I've been dying to talk about them for a while. I figured I'd start with the Episode 4 Tea Party, quite possibly the greatest example of Ryukishi's writing skill of them all.

This post will contain

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Updated 07-09-2017 at 10:08 PM by Karifean

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