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    Oh hey, I happened to see your post in the fourth wall thread just now. Is Umineko's VN easier to follow than the anime? I watched it a few years ago since I loved Higurashi (both the anime and the VN) but I found it really confusing.
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    High five ^^
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    Foolish and a bit too outspoken is probably more like it...
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    Hauptsächlich vol. 4.
    G.U. auf der PS2 ist da auch ein Schwergewicht, weil es die bei uns ja nicht gibt. Aber ich würde sie (1-4) dir ja nicht schenken. Nur solange herleihen, wie du sie brauchst und den Versand würde ich eben auch zahlen. Ich habe schon öfters Sachen verschickt wenn jemand etwas ausprobieren oder auch durchspielen wollte.

    .hack Liminality wäre auch dabei.
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    Durch die Zusammenfassung in Last Recode, nehme ich an?

    Hättest du eine P.O. Box würde ich dir die vier schicken, frei Haus.
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    Kennst du die ersten 4 .hacks?
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    Not bad, you can tell the composer was trying to replicate the style of music Yuki Kaijura did for the Signs TV series. Yes, I enjoy this type of music. Here's one back at you since I mentioned Kajiura.

    Sounds like you have a pretty big wish list yourself there.
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    Yeah, I actually enjoy playing 9old school games for that reason to be honest. You have to be a bit more on top of things instead of flying by the seat of your pants.

    Papers Please is a little stressful but still really fun. I have a soft spot for Cold War era style films and media so the game is scratching an itch I didn't realize I had since MGS3.

    For SMT, I still need to tackle Digital Devil Saga 2, Devil Summoner Raidou 2, Persona Q, and SMTIV:Apocalypse. I need to finish Soul Hackers and the first Raidou Devil Summoner game, as well as SMT 1 where I'm on the last quest before the final dungeon which I am not looking forward to because that place is a labyrinth and I'm on the Neutral route meaning I have to explore all of it.

    Which ones do you still need to finish/play?
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    Wenn ich das richtig verstanden habe, gefällt dir Chrono Trigger ganz gut?
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    I feel Sakaguchi's greatest contribution to the games he works on is adding a real sense of charm and humor to his titles. I feel you can always tell which entries he personally had a hand in cause they tend to have more humorous moments or characters. Characters like Edge, Sabin, Yuffie, and Quina can all easily be stereotyped as comic relief characters when you think about it. He likes womanizers and old guys too, so they tend to pop up more often as well.

    Glad yo hear you're still churning along with .Hack//G.U. I still need to play through it properly.

    Papers Please doesn't have a whole lot going for it graphically, so I can see how screenshots don;t really do justice to it. Its really more about dealing with the moral dilemma of helping strangers who have it much worse than you, or simply sticking to protocol no matter how heartless in order to protect your family. The game is pretty challenging though as you really need to have both a good eye for detail and the ability to process information quickly. I'm a little too slow at the moment so I never get as much done in the time frame as a I would like and I ended up with the ending where I went into debt and had to go to prison.

    I have Odin Sphere, but it is unfortunately in my PS2 backlog hell along with a Lupin III game, a few SMT games, Metal Saga, and Yakuza. I meant to play it awhile back but got caught up with new shiny objects instead, which is my usual problem. I just picked up Tactics Ogre again since I'm practically at the game's end.
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As mentioned already, in Ys Origin you do not play as Adol. That's because this game is a prequel to the Ys I & II duology,

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