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    Interested, just not a high priority. I've got to be in the mood for it kind of deal but I won't turn it away if it pops up somewhere. Honestly, the bullet hell sections in Nier Automata saved Route B for me. I hacked everything because it was more fun and interesting than the simple combat.
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    Just the old school arcade stuff from way back in the day. They would hardly be called bullet hell titles these days but top-down shooter just seems like a lazy definition. So not really outside of some of the stuff from Nier Automata.
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    She's a bit like a female Yasunori Mitsuda imho. So I wasn't really bothered when she took over composing duties for Xenosaga since I felt she would have been the best replacement. Yoko Kanno is still my favorite Japanese composer, though she doesn't do video game music much anymore.
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    Oh hey, I happened to see your post in the fourth wall thread just now. Is Umineko's VN easier to follow than the anime? I watched it a few years ago since I loved Higurashi (both the anime and the VN) but I found it really confusing.
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    High five ^^
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    Foolish and a bit too outspoken is probably more like it...
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    Hauptsächlich vol. 4.
    G.U. auf der PS2 ist da auch ein Schwergewicht, weil es die bei uns ja nicht gibt. Aber ich würde sie (1-4) dir ja nicht schenken. Nur solange herleihen, wie du sie brauchst und den Versand würde ich eben auch zahlen. Ich habe schon öfters Sachen verschickt wenn jemand etwas ausprobieren oder auch durchspielen wollte.

    .hack Liminality wäre auch dabei.
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    Durch die Zusammenfassung in Last Recode, nehme ich an?

    Hättest du eine P.O. Box würde ich dir die vier schicken, frei Haus.
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    Kennst du die ersten 4 .hacks?
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    Not bad, you can tell the composer was trying to replicate the style of music Yuki Kaijura did for the Signs TV series. Yes, I enjoy this type of music. Here's one back at you since I mentioned Kajiura.

    Sounds like you have a pretty big wish list yourself there.
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