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    Yup, just finished it!
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    If the chapter page is any indication, Planetarian doesn't look like it'll be very long
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    And she did, actually! I think part of what made it so magical was the fact that we played it together. I provided different voices for all the characters, so maybe that made them come alive even more!

    Oh, it's impossible to choose a reasonable number of tracks Basically, all the final battle themes - MEGALOVANIA, Your Best Nightmare and Finale, and especially Hopes and Dreams and Save the World, but ASGORE was great too, same with Heartache, Bonerrousle, Spear of Justice, Death by Glamour, and Spider Dance. From the non-battle themes, definitely Another Medium, Undertale, and His Theme.
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    I do not know much about Rewrite but if it is out on time I will check it out!
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    I have started planatarian, so finish that

    Hakouoki (all routes)
    Katawa Shoujo (all routes)
    A Little Lily Princess
    fault:milestone two
    Princess Evangile
    The next 4 episodes of Umineko
    The Fruit of Grisaia (if it ever cheapens up :/)
    CLANNAD Side Stories
    Tomoyo After
    Littlewitch Romanesque
    The net Ace Attorney (although not sure if I should qualify this one as a VN?)
    The last Zero Escape game, as well as retrying 999

    So it'll still be a while but it's a much shorter list than say... my RPG list for example and you know I speed read so :P. Monies is what's going to slow it down the most, really.

    Any others you want to add to my list?
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    I was thinking that instead of doing another big top games list, I would divide it in to smaller lists by genre, which will make each game stand out on its own against others of its type so my genre preference doesn't bias it. I think VN's are the genre I have the least of waiting to be played (maybe) so I might end up doing that first
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    Oh yeah, also (sorry for going on about this, I just realized this, talking to my wife) - I kind of feel that I got a piece of my childhood back. because normally I am much more analytical about things and would probably want to experience other routes one day, much like you. But this time, it's more like, I feel as if I were a kid watching his first Disney movie again. i am so satisfied with the ending, so in love with the characters that, with the meta elements driving the point home that evgerything has consequences, I don';t want to ruin their perfect ending. I know logically they don't exist and can't care. But I feel that they exist. Like a baby.

    And in a way, I feel vulnerable because of this, but it also feels great. There's something incredibly inspiring in this - the fact that I can feel something so much because of a story again. it makes me feel that maybe I can make something that will move people like this after all. It feels like my creative side will be able to thrive again. And I so hope that I'm not wrong.
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    Oh, i can definitely understand that And I am also curious how it looks, but it'd be enough for me to see a youtube video of the genocide side of things, because really, I can't remember when I was last so satisfied with a game ending to not want to come back to it because it was so good!

    I just hope Toby Fox keeps making more games now. maybe this being such a success will help him get in the big leagues somehow, if that;s what he wants. Maybe Undertale's success will actually help show the industry that there is actually a market for games that use stories as its main source of appeal - stories that don't rely just on zombie conspiracies or any other thing involving a grizzled action hero in his thirties, or just being dark and gritty for the sake of being dark and gritty without trying to actually convey something meaningful on top of bieng incredibly original. Here's hoping!

    I also really dug the music. you can tell Fox is a composer first - not that the gameplay is bad, because it was incredibly unique and fun most of the time, but the music is really top-notch with some nice techniques thrown in and amazing use of leitmotifs.

    I also liked that of all the couples in the game, more than half (or half if you still count Toriel and Asgore, who I secretly hope get together affter all that stuff) were gay couples, with the main couple being a lesbian one that wasn't sexualized or fetishized in the slightest, which was really refreshing and very sweet to watch, all around. I ship them all hard, Undyne and Alphys, that dog husband and wife, the armored dudes, and then the goats too. Hope they all lead a happy life ^^
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    Well, we played it together with my wife, so it was definitely a unique experience as we would talk about it as we played (also, I got to provide voices for all the characters, which was lots of fun). (SPOILER)what really got me was the end, with Asriel just begging you to let this keep going on, to prevent it from ending. i kind of got this feeling that maybe I'm making games too large a part of my life. It is all just a game, it is all just for fun, yet at the same time, it's a story that plays you as much as you play it(when you go into game theory which we talked a lot with regards to translation, so it applies to fiction as well), so it kind of really felt like I was accomplishing something in the final battle by letting it be the final battle. by letting it end. By letting me go back to live my life and for the characters to keep existing on their own in their fictional world without me messing it up further. So yeah, letting go, letting fiction be fiction and not fixating on seeing everything, having a "perfect" save file. It was all just saying to me that it's good to be involved in a video game, but you shouldn't let it become the very essence of your existence. Because there's so much more to life than just grinding and finding all the hidden easter eggs and having stuff like all-perfect IV shiny Pokemon. Games aren't meant to be a fulfilment of your life, just a fun part of it.

    So yeah, I guess that's what I got out of it, though I know that was a bit of a, um, chaotic statement. Mostly, though, I just don't think I'd have it in me to kill Papyrus. Not to mention I just so strongly agree with the message of mercy and love being primary values in all things, so yeah.
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    I know, I read a bit about it. It just kind of feels wrong due to how meta the message is. I usually think I'm gonna replay a game some time after I've finished it, but this time it's kinda different. Makes you see some things in a different light.
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