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    Ugh school :/
  2. Pumpin, can you ban me for 50 days?
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    Sorry, been really busy with work.

    I actually seen him a few times yeah. Just not too often. It's cool that you're both on here though Seems like EoFF has a lot of couples.

    I've heard that X is getting a port to the Switch but not Chronicles. Which is confusing as hell to me because Chronicles is the game getting a sequel.

    Tokyo Mirage Sessions actually somewhat interested me. Mario Kart 8 was also fantastic and I can't wait for the Deluxe version. Same as the next Smash game on Switch. I think Smash 4 was actually weaker than its predecessors in some areas, but it's a fantastic game for sure. :P
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    And what if they're trans? They might be female and still have dicks Pumpkin. And some men have boobs too!
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    Yup, but does have BBS! Have fun with it!
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    But I did like how it had way more Christian/Biblical elements than usual!
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    Beat DQIX today. It was a'ight, but definitely not as good as many other DQ games. I can see there's tons of post-game content and apparently that was the focus, but I kinda wish the main story was more... punchy, I guess
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    Oh, I see. I don't think I've ever seen him on here haha.

    What games are you planning to pick up on the Wii U?
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    Are you getting a Wii U used or new? I personally always get my consoles brand new. I don't really trust buying them secondhand. Of course it sucks when you're buying a Nintendo console, because they almost never go down in price. It takes ages compared to the Playstation systems.

    The Wii U actually has a really good lineup that I hope gets ported to the Switch.
  10. I like Pumpkin Pie.
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Video Game Fashions: Atelier Firis!

by Pumpkin on 04-14-2017 at 03:14 AM
It's time to dive in to Atelier Firis, which has a nifty outfit system where the outfits actually grant you different enhancements in game! Ordered from least favourite to favourite

Note: I do not remember the actual names of each outfit but that's alright

First is the Wonderland outfit:

Ability: Reduce synthesis time


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Video Game Fashions: DOA Groups!

by Pumpkin on 04-07-2017 at 06:01 PM
Well my Honoka post has been swallowed in to the void, but that's okay

It's time for group pics before Atelier Firis outfits!

Christmas themes!


Halloween themes!


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Video Game Fashions: DOA Part 3!

by Pumpkin on 03-14-2017 at 08:58 PM
Today we are doing Marie Rose, Momiji, Naotora, and Nyotengu!

First for Marie Rose!

This is her classic outfit, which I mostly like for the boots. It's a cute enough dress, though.

One again, I am a fan of asymmetry, roses, and the colour pink and it's all combined here! Not the best, but I still like it.


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Video Game Fashions: DOA Part 2!

by Pumpkin on 03-10-2017 at 09:33 PM
We're back with some more DOA outfits~ Today we will be looking at outfits for Kasumi, Kokoro, and Leifang

Starting with Kasumi, we have a variant on her classic outfit.

Her classic outfit is white and blue, which is nice, but this one matches her hair ribbon better, I find. There's also a white and red/pink variation as well.

Speaking of which, this

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Video Game Fashions: DOA Part 1!

by Pumpkin on 03-07-2017 at 02:10 AM
So for all of DOA's shortcomings, it has a ton of outfits. And I like outfits. Some of them are terrible, some are adorable. So for now I will be talking about some of my fav Dead or Alive outfits!

NOTE that some of these are NSFW because... well it is DOA. I will be sure to spoiler those for you.

I will start this edition with the characters of Ayane, Helena, and Hitomi!

First up, Ayane!


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