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    Are you sure that's not Austria? I thought Australia was further down the list, in like, 18th or something. Europe is usually far nicer to their humans than we are xD Still, if you're right then that is a very good thing!
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    Crocs are kind of comical until they get in the water and start death rolling stuff. Then it's just terrifying D: There seem to be an abundance of people who explore Australia doing all sorts of nonsense and dangerous things, I don't understand why they're trying to get killed.

    Australia runs pretty much like every other western nation, but probably closest to say Canada because we're a little bit weird like that.
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    Well, tell me specifics on "I want two doors and a hatch" or "I want a conventional four door." Things like that. I'll make a list.

    Take your time. No rush on this end.
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    It's tough to judge from two cases. The Mazda6 and Mazda3 continue to receive great reviews from magazines, and good solid reviews from long term testing. In fact the Mazda3 has won it's class in performance, affordability, and build quality several times over the years.

    It might just be that you know two people who bought lemons. Every manufacturer makes a lemon occasionally. Or they abuse their cars.

    Read up on reviews of cars your are interested in. It's tough to judge from one or two cases. First make a list of cars that fit your needs, and then start researching those cars. If you tell me your needs and price range, I can help make good suggestions.
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    Yeah, that is definitely weird. xD
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    Haha. Considering I drive Mazdas (I own two), and have for all 16 years I've been driving I'd have to respectfully disagree. We even race Mazdas, hard, every weekend and they're tough as nails.

    Toyotas are good cars too. An early 90's to 2000 Corolla or Camry is a decent point a to point b car.

    Something like a Mazda Protege or a Protege5 would be perfect for you, and they can be very reliable. You can get early ones (90-97) pretty cheap, and even the later ones (2000-2003) are good. A Protege5 is a good looking car to me. Roomy and functional.

    The biggest part of what makes a used car good is how well the previous owner took care of it. You can buy a titty Mazda just as easily as you can buy a titty Toyota.
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    BoB suggested you ask in Private Feedback because he's to chicken to tell you that your current name is a good name and the one you want to switch to is horrible.
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    I'm not sure why that would not have been allowed when you signed up! I think you should make a thread in the Private Feedback Forum so the technical people on staff can advise if there is any reason that would have been blocked...
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    Of course I'm the person to ask. I know all the things.
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    Sorry it's taking me a while to get back to you regarding your last message. I've been pretty busy with a number of things lately, but I'm going to try and sit down tomorrow and come up with some ideas for you to help you work eating a bit better into your schedule.
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Tekken Outfits!

by Pumpkin on 06-30-2017 at 05:43 AM
It's time to share the outfits it took me 2000 fights to unlock in Tekken 7! Unfortunately the customization options are somewhat lacking so I had to reuse clothes. Anywho, enjoy and prepare for a lot of pastel colours


This first one is just a pallet swap of her default outfit. I like these colours much better. Her hair is also blue and pink, my two fave colours (although not necessarily those shades)

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Video Game Fashions: Omega Quintet

by Pumpkin on 05-27-2017 at 01:38 PM
So I did Omega Quintet a while ago but I have more to share! Some is repeats but I think we'll survive

Omega Quintet has some adorable and precious outfits and here are some of my faves

To start off, here are their default outfits, with some new hairdos!


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Video Game Fashions: Atelier Sophie!

by Pumpkin on 04-29-2017 at 04:51 AM
Before Firis came along with her nifty outfits, we had Atelier Sophie! Most of the outfits are for Plachta, her companion, but she has two cute outfits of her own.

Also, a lot of these outfits are very... leotardy, so Imma go ahead and just label this whole edition NSFW just to air on the safe side!

So let's start with Sophie:

I like this outfit from the back

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Video Game Fashions: Atelier Firis!

by Pumpkin on 04-14-2017 at 03:14 AM
It's time to dive in to Atelier Firis, which has a nifty outfit system where the outfits actually grant you different enhancements in game! Ordered from least favourite to favourite

Note: I do not remember the actual names of each outfit but that's alright

First is the Wonderland outfit:

Ability: Reduce synthesis time


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Video Game Fashions: DOA Groups!

by Pumpkin on 04-07-2017 at 06:01 PM
Well my Honoka post has been swallowed in to the void, but that's okay

It's time for group pics before Atelier Firis outfits!

Christmas themes!


Halloween themes!


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