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    Ugh, I know that feel. But hey, at least you're editing it. I'm trying to write it and keep getting distracted.

    I need more determination.
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    Raichu is better than you? :O
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    Though I was honestly surprised that you didn't have a character section in your review! Did you ommit it to avoid spoilers, or did none of them grab you quite enough?
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    I heard she's actually a guest design by one of the Kickstarter backers who donated enough money to get her design in. I think she's actually some web comic artist. So that's pretty cool.

    And yeah, the spiders clapping to the rhythm got me.
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    Well, Papyrus is insanely likable, so no surprises there, and Muffet has one of the coolest designs and one of the most memorable big-killed alligator moments I can think of in a video game. Plus, her music is awesome and her battle is super fun.
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    Oy vey, you ask the hardest questions, Pumpkin I honestly can't choose, I loved them all. Maybe Papyrus? Or Undyne? Mettaton with his fabulousness? Or Alphys? Sans? Really, anyone could be a favorite, there wasn't a single one I disliked. How about yours?
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    That's a bigger list than I was expecting ^^

    I would say Little Busters and Rewrite, but well, only if they come out in time :P And yeah I think you can qualify Ace Attorney as a VN just fine.
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    Sounds neat! I was wondering when/if you were ever planning on doing another one of those, and dividing it by genre does sound like a good way to go about it... though there's also a certain fun factor to seeing how a game ranks among games of an entirely different nature :P

    Out of curiosity, which VNs would you still wait to play before making that list?
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    NO! Chu are best chu :3
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    Oh well

    So how was your weekend? I got really far in Strange Journey and will probably finish it this week! I'm also feeling pretty creative so I'm hoping to work on my book!
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Video game site

by Pumpkin on 11-01-2017 at 04:02 AM
Hey guys, I made a fun, silly little video game site. I'll update it weekly with new stuff. I would also like a montly guest feature (there's a nifty one about Telltale right now by our very own KleinerKiller) so if you ever feel like writing about video games, let me know so you can get your stuff out to tens of people. Opinions, reviews, whatever you want. There's also a nifty site poll and I'll attempt a clay sculpture of the first poll winner! So check it out, share with your friends, etc etc.

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Tekken Outfits!

by Pumpkin on 06-30-2017 at 06:43 AM
It's time to share the outfits it took me 2000 fights to unlock in Tekken 7! Unfortunately the customization options are somewhat lacking so I had to reuse clothes. Anywho, enjoy and prepare for a lot of pastel colours


This first one is just a pallet swap of her default outfit. I like these colours much better. Her hair is also blue and pink, my two fave colours (although not necessarily those shades)

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Video Game Fashions: Omega Quintet

by Pumpkin on 05-27-2017 at 02:38 PM
So I did Omega Quintet a while ago but I have more to share! Some is repeats but I think we'll survive

Omega Quintet has some adorable and precious outfits and here are some of my faves

To start off, here are their default outfits, with some new hairdos!


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Video Game Fashions: Atelier Sophie!

by Pumpkin on 04-29-2017 at 05:51 AM
Before Firis came along with her nifty outfits, we had Atelier Sophie! Most of the outfits are for Plachta, her companion, but she has two cute outfits of her own.

Also, a lot of these outfits are very... leotardy, so Imma go ahead and just label this whole edition NSFW just to air on the safe side!

So let's start with Sophie:

I like this outfit from the back

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Video Game Fashions: Atelier Firis!

by Pumpkin on 04-14-2017 at 04:14 AM
It's time to dive in to Atelier Firis, which has a nifty outfit system where the outfits actually grant you different enhancements in game! Ordered from least favourite to favourite

Note: I do not remember the actual names of each outfit but that's alright

First is the Wonderland outfit:

Ability: Reduce synthesis time


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