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    Teething sounds awful. Then again, parenthood in general sounded awful which is why I made with the snippity snip. Nothing against kids or those who can pull off the parenting thing but it is not for me. I'll stick to cats.

    Not too much new with me. Making more progress on guitar stuff since I lost my job last month. Kind of chipping away a bit everyday. I'd like to say I spend hours working on this stuff everyday but it's too damn hot in the garage right now. Still, I'm close to having my first proper neck joint done and am just going to keep plowing through. Making my first neck out of a $15 piece of maple I had since it's less expensive than the $100 piece of indian rosewood I have for my guitar neck. I'll do the maple one ukulele sized so I can use it for a uke a friend wants me to build him.

    Other than that I just plowed through the entire Mass Effect trilogy in the last month. I'd played the first years ago but never any of the others. I'm not the biggest bioware fan and I just thought the first was all right, but the second was on Steam for $5 and I was curious. Next thing I know I've finished them all in the time between roughly when you finished Saren off and when you met up with Tali in ME2 best I can figure. Unemployment leaves one with a lot of time to kill. You'll enjoy the second and third a lot if you loved the first though. The ending in 3 is a bit weak but overall it's still probably better than the first one and close to the second in quality. I'm glad I decided to give the series a second chance.
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    So how's mini Bubba? We never talk.
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    Haha! I think I was mostly thinking of me and how I'd be tempted to read it. Can't remember how fast down those spoilers go, but there's quite a few. Maybe I should go back and edit in some more just for fun?
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    Thank you! Yes, I like it here. I like the community, and everyone is always willing to help each other out.
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    It was good. I got things I actually enjoy which was nice. Makes it feel like my family is actually paying attention to my likes and dislikes now. Took em a while.
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    Thank you for the compliment on my drawing!
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    So whenever I was playing through ME1 for the... second time. That ending part where you first get to the citadel and trout's blowing up and you're running to get turrets. I had this song on, and it fit so well with the game that I always remembered it. So now i'm sharing this song and this anecdote with you.

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    Really? That's weird. Do you not have access to a computer to sneak a look?
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    Cheers bud, appreciate your votes! I figure at Christmas I'll just jump up a few notches and take best member anyway. Easy street!
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    Lmao, not quite that ambitious.
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Kefka Diary

by Bubba on 02-22-2016 at 05:57 PM
My boss is such a dick. He pulled me up today for wearing too much make-up. I'm a smurfing clown, you idiot! He's already criticised me for setting fire to that school and now this? I'm not attending this disciplinary that he's summoned me to. Smurf him.

What kind of name is Gestahl anyway? His mother clearly didn't think too highly of him. I'm gonna have this prick's job, one day.

secrets of sleep

by Bubba on 04-12-2012 at 10:25 AM
Last night I slept on a diet of pizza, whiskey and disappointment.