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    I'm 99% certain they said window regulator, which is just the term used for the electric window motor. There's a chance they actually said redistributor, but that's not something I'm familiar with so it would be specific to your car, and specialized. A lot of that cost would depend on the cost of a new window regulator (they can be quite pricey), and how difficult it is to remove from the door. Typically the regulator costs more than the labor by approximately double. If it's simply a burnt up regulator that no longer responds to you pressing the button then I really doubt you have to worry about the window falling down. That usually occurs when the cables break or the pulleys fail.

    Think of the regulator as the motor or wench, and the cable and pulley system being used by the regulator to pull the window up or down.
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    If you can get a copy of the estimate I'll be happy to glance it over and see if it makes sense. Also maybe describe what is going on to me, and what they think the problem boils down to.
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    I'm good thanks! How are you? Excited for Ciddie time is here!
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    It'll live on in my sig.
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    I found it on Tumblr, but I don't remember where, exactly. Probably saved it when it showed up on my Dashboard.
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    What. ;.; I don't know how to answer your question.
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    Ouch baby. Very ouch.

    Shauna's gran isn't crazy, mine is. She's just Spanish. Did you get shrek't last night? Not even making it through the shrek marathon.
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    Try and hurt my feelings! I encourage the challenge. It'll be hard for someo e that stinx.

    We have to get Shauna's phone repaired and see her gran. Other than that, videogames and pizza probably. Did you watch shrek?
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    See previous image on VMs.

    I'm not mad at all. Not even slightly. It'll be a long tine before someone on the internet gets me riled up! How are you anyway? :3
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    Yeah! maybe that's why I subconsciously picked her haha xD
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night fury is a tit

by Jinx on 04-17-2016 at 09:24 PM
that is all


Stepping out of my comfort zone

by Jinx on 05-05-2014 at 04:19 AM
Since quitting my job, I've spent much more time at home, and it's caused me to fall back into some of my old agoraphobic ways. I really don't like that I'm like this again, considering that I had done a complete 180.

Because of that--and also just wanting to make friends and get out and do things--I've joined some Meetup groups. I haven't gone to any events yet, but I'm going to one this Thursday. It's a tabletop game meetup. (If I enjoy it, I might start going to the Wednesday night

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workin' out workin' out barbie YEAH

by Jinx on 03-18-2014 at 10:02 PM

yeah this jam was the trout when i was six

I've been to the gym three times (hurt my neck and had to take today off ) but I've already noticed a change in my body. Rob and I have been eating much much healthier. I haven't had anything sugary to drink in over a week, and we've been eating a lot of lean meat and veggies. I've been lifting weights and walking--and even in three visits, I've noticed my endurance is much, much better.


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2014 blah blah

by Jinx on 01-02-2014 at 03:45 AM
1. Lose 30 pounds or more.
-To do this I am going to eat healthier (which really, anything is healthier than how I've been eating the past week!), and join a gym and exercise. I want to do cardio and strength training with weights. Any advice on exercise would be greatly appreciated!

2. Grow out my hair until it's completely natural.
-This one's pretty simple. Just don't dye my hair! I'll probably cut my hair from time-to-time. My hair is already about two or two-and-a-half

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ugh i think i'm getting the flu

by Jinx on 12-17-2013 at 06:29 AM
pray for me