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    well okay

    i'm not going ot say no to rep xD

    i guess you could just say that i'm getting rep for my hard work
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    hey, so you know you're repping me for other people's speeches, right? xD
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    I've already had one featured in a showcase

    But thank you
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    Thanks for the rep on my drawing Spent all darn day on that thing
  5. I think it's meant to be the artist who drew it!
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    There you go! Potatoes are just yummy is I think the lesson there :3
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    He just wants fries all the time. And waffles. He would live off of waffles and fries if we let him

    I think potato love runs in the family. I was like that with mashed potatoes. You should see my thanksgiving and Christmas plates
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    It's everyone's cup o' tea

    Kids do tend to have big eyes and chubby faces :P

    Scenes from my son's life:
    *Sees he has salad for lunch*
    Michael: I don't like salad
    My mom: Well you're not getting anything else
    Michael: I love salad!!
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    That's sweet that you're shopping for your cousins kids

    I haven't read that, but I'll go check it out

    I think a game I like that he doesn't is probably Girls Fashion Shoot. Although how anyone can dislike that game is beyond me
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    I feel horrible. Couldn't fall asleep until like 3, cats had me up early, now I have to do Tumblr stuff and then I need to get that speech done for the Ciddies. After that the plan is to just play video games and relax. Playing Harvest Moon and Record of Agarest War Zero. Beginning to think I just have bad taste because I've been very much enjoying some games that a lot of people seem to hate x)

    Joe Bryan is good. I had lunch/shopping with his mother yesterday and got some Christmas present ideas for them. We're going to go Christmas shopping this weekend and tree shopping.

    Michael's doing okay. Passed his hearing test, behaving a bit better in class.

    Glad the coffee with the landlady went well. Also sorry about the pink eye, but glad its cleared up for you
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Super Mario Maker: Days 2 & 3

by Colonel Angus on 09-19-2015 at 06:06 AM
By the third day I had unlocked all the items in the creator (excluding the mystery mushroom costumes).

Speaking of Mystery Mushroom costumes, yesterday I beat 100 Mario mode on the medium setting (which you must to unlock Expert, more on that later). Which costume did I get rewarded w/? Tingle. Yes, Tingle. That green little weirdo from Wind Waker. My god, who the hell wants Tingle! I'm guessing it's random, because Tingle is something that should be given as a punishment for losing

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Super Mario Maker: Day One

by Colonel Angus on 09-17-2015 at 08:23 AM
Due to technical problems re: my WiFi, I wasn't able to play Super Mario Maker until 5 days after it's release. Nonetheless, I have to say that I'm just glad to have started it. Super Mario Maker was not only my most anticipated game in a long time, but one of the most anticipated games of the year. My early prognosis is it was worth all the hype. However, I haven't played through it fully, so I'll save a full review for after I've unlocked all the essentials.

Apparently, the 9 day

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Video Games

2048: Final Fantasy Tactics

by Colonel Angus on 09-02-2014 at 02:28 AM
A month ago our very own Mr. Shauna Dat_Matt created a challenge for the highest score in the online game 2048. His version had all the final fantasies from I-X plus a surprise tile @ the end .

This version has all the main characters from Final Fantasy Tactics. Try this challenging edition & see if you can make it all the way from Hell to the Clouds!


X-Men: Movies of Future Past

by Colonel Angus on 06-07-2014 at 05:35 AM
Over my vacation I was able to re-watch most of the movies from the X-Men franchise. I've been a fan of the franchise since my uncle would let me read his comics. Then of course came the great animated series, which for me and maybe others my age, are the definitive X-Men.

When Days of Future Past came out, I was suddenly excited. Last year's The Wolverine turned out to be a pleasant surprise, so my hopes were high for this one. Fortunately, it didn't fail expectations; it should save

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