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  1. Ive had to be brave. I keep reaching out to people cos I must, I spent my school years alone so, even when people knock me back I get up again cos I wont give up. Plus, Im nearly 32 so ive been round the block a bit.

    Oh and live chat might be a problem cos I dont have proper internet at home. If you coincide with my time at the library perhaps. And even then im not sure it works properly on theirs.

    What do you study? You said something about being at school
  2. Yeah it is in England. Its not my favourite country but unfortunately I was born here (lol, but im half serious).

    I have vast geographical knowledge of geek proportions so i pretty much know where everything is, I just havent been able to visit many places though.

    Oh and you said something about cold weather? I prefer it too.
  3. Yeah I picked up from your streams that you sounded Eastern Scotland. Yorkshire lass here, not the Nice North but the Wild West.

    Ive been to Eastern Scotland a lot. Further up than Fife, Ive been to Montrose and its surroundings (like Arbroath and Brechin) and once went up to Aberdeen. Never been to Edinburgh, that would be worth a visit if I ever have the money again.

    Hows your nephew? How old is he?
  4. Thanks for your praise, you are a nice bloke.

    So what region of Scotland are u from? You dont have to be too specific, ive just said yorkshire on my profile.
  5. I meant respective problems, I dont know where prospective came from, im ditzy like that sometimes
  6. Orders is such a strong term lol, but youre probably joking about that anyway.

    Visitor/mognet message me any time you want, chatting about interests will take our minds off prospective problems.
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    Thank you!!
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    I'll be playing it again pretty soon. I have the marathon going on and so far I'm at FFIII, but soon! FFIX is great and I can't wait!
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    I will. I was so lost a year ago, two years ago. But everything became better, even though I couldn't believe that it would.

    So you're playing FFIX now, huh? How's it coming along?
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    Work, but I'm going to my parents for Christmas tomorrow which is great
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by Galuf on 01-01-2018 at 07:56 PM
Im just feeling pretty happy, dunno why i made this but i did. cool. hope anyone who reads this is happy too

Happy and Nervous about returning to college

by Galuf on 02-01-2016 at 10:54 PM
I'm getting a little bit used to what Blogs are, so here goes.

So SOMEHOW i managed to get money for college again. i havent been in atleast 6 weeks so im a bit worried if i can catch up and also what the others will think, like will they think im lazy? maybe their right. but ill be safe and stick alone. if all goes well ill be so happy, programmings tough though but i gotta win. i gotta win for Mae Sefie Jen Night Fury and all you others. thank you. i hope it works

I hate the moneys

by Galuf on 01-30-2016 at 06:37 PM
Well. i have no idea what a blog is. but i asked so. idk.
anyway im just angry so move on you probably should.
I hate money. Well really its more that i hate not having monry.

so i got into college last year which is good, especially good college is free in Scotland. now it was going good. you get paid every few weeks for going, thats cool. so it costs me 13 a week to go there. 3 extra for lunch ( if im hungry ill probably fail at focusing.). i get 40 in every 2 weeks

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