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    Nah, no bother at all.

    Saronia is huge with four "towns" split up on the world map despite constituting one city, so just keep checking each of them to find what you need. There is a tower in the southeastern city where you can find some Dragoon gear, and there is a shop in the Northeastern section of Saronia that sells Dragoon weapons. I can't remember if this was in the original or remake, but there are also two men in the southwestern part of the city who will hand over some dragoon gear is you speak with them while Alus is still in your party.

    Even with full gear, Garuda can be a handful, especially if the RNG screws you over with turn order. He'll go down pretty soon though with dual-wielding Dragoons with spears.

    Sadly, Raise can first be found in Saronia (the town your in) but you'll probably need to beat Garuda first since I believe all of the shops are closed but the one weapon shop and a few item stores.

    M.Knight gear won't be available until much later in the game, so just put that class on hold for awhile. Once you can reach Falgabird, you can fully arm them in time to deal with the dividing enemies.
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    I have not, but Wolf Kanno told me all about it - you should ask him!
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    Shoot, I've only got about half of what I need so far. Ugh. Gimme a few more days.
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    Oh, shoot. Still not quite done, I don't think. I forgot about it for a bit. Um, how many people do we have? Should only need a couple more hours.
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    Sorry, didn't notice your VMs because you posted them to your profile, hehe XD

    But still, you handled it without my help! Woo!
  6. I have Firion with Excalibur and ice brand. Maria with dual holy lances. Guy with a rune axe and a poison axe. And leon with a poison axe and ice spear
  7. Nope. I missed it.

    last time I had it so I thought this game was easy lol
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    Did you get the blood sword?
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    It will continue. I just need to get in the zone. Wouldn't want to half-ass it, risking it becoming less entertaining (assuming it was entertaining to begin with, lol). I'll probably get into it once I beat Dragon Quest VII after it comes out on the 16th.
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    I was joking, man I think it's awesome you're doing this!
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by Galuf on 01-01-2018 at 07:56 PM
Im just feeling pretty happy, dunno why i made this but i did. cool. hope anyone who reads this is happy too

Happy and Nervous about returning to college

by Galuf on 02-01-2016 at 10:54 PM
I'm getting a little bit used to what Blogs are, so here goes.

So SOMEHOW i managed to get money for college again. i havent been in atleast 6 weeks so im a bit worried if i can catch up and also what the others will think, like will they think im lazy? maybe their right. but ill be safe and stick alone. if all goes well ill be so happy, programmings tough though but i gotta win. i gotta win for Mae Sefie Jen Night Fury and all you others. thank you. i hope it works

I hate the moneys

by Galuf on 01-30-2016 at 06:37 PM
Well. i have no idea what a blog is. but i asked so. idk.
anyway im just angry so move on you probably should.
I hate money. Well really its more that i hate not having monry.

so i got into college last year which is good, especially good college is free in Scotland. now it was going good. you get paid every few weeks for going, thats cool. so it costs me 13 a week to go there. 3 extra for lunch ( if im hungry ill probably fail at focusing.). i get 40 in every 2 weeks

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