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    Here, your five sentences:

    The most powerful company on the planet, the "Shin-Ra Electric Power Company" is in the middle of a war with a far away lying country called (W)utai while one of their best members of the elite force called "SOLDIER" Genesis Rhapsodos is MIA so SOLDIER 2nd Class Zack Fair gets sent to the battle field together with his mentor Angeal Hewley. With Angeal vanishing, Zack and Sephiroth, the great war hero and strongest of all SOLDIER, get to investigate the mysterious disappearance of the two and what the origin of those ominous people is that look like Genesis himself only to realize the betrayal of those two top tier SOLDIERs is the result of Shinra's lies and experiments. With Zack feeling all alone and robbed of those that he thought he would know, including Angeal, he finds himself a church in the Slums of the grand city of Midgar were he meets Aerith, a girl that comforts him while he motivates her to sell the flowers that only grow in the dirty city because of her in her church and home. Whilst delving further into the depths of Shinras dark secrets and after confroting Genesis and even losing Angeal but finding one good friend in the solider Cloud Strife, Zack has to witness the Great Sephiroth realize how his life was the greatest of all of Shinra's lies just so they could create the ultimate weapon that would lead them to the legendary Promised Land which according to their own expectations would be a place rich of energy so they could exploit the planetary energy even more than they already did - completely against Sephiroth's will though, as he sees himself as they chosen one and decides to free this planet from all human life and rule over it. After the Nibelheim incident is over and Sephiroth supposedly gone, Cloud and Zack become a part of the Reunion theory and Sephiroth copy project of his father, Professor Hojo of which they can eventually escape only for Zack to meet Genesis one last time who all the time just wanted to stop his own cells from degrading and bring him to his senses before he (Zack) and Cloud can continue their journey and finally reach the hills of Midgar where he dies from Shinra's soldiers shooting him down and leaving Cloud all alone with the responsibility of fighting Sephiroth and Shinra on his own in a long battle where Zack's character even haunts Cloud's own psyche so he would not have to deal with the shame and horrible experience of his own past where he never became a SOLDIER and got his mind weakened by Hojo's experiments.
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