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    Been feeling pretty down lately. Apologies for the late reponse.

    Anxiety does take a lot of effort to overcome, but you can do it! A few years ago I had really bad social anxiety. I was even afraid of talking to cashiers or buying something. I would try to get me friends to do it for me. However, I've overcome that pretty much completely now. I just kept forcing myself to interact with people until I got comfortable with it. I know you can get there too

    Yeah a lot of the time you just have to find ways to keep yourself busy. I usually resort to cleaning my room or something. I'll try and check that out for you soon!

    Nah I haven't. I've been hooked on Tales of Berseria all month. I have no idea what game I'm going to play after this haha. Maybe I'll do Awakening.
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    Sorry, been fairly busy lately.

    What things are those if I can ask? Need to focus on yourself? I can understand that.

    Do you have any plans this week?
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    thank you.
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    Ahhh I see you friended me! Yay we're friends now!
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    I meant I wanted to try some of your cooking, haha. I'm sure it isn't hard if you follow a recipe though.

    Well as long as you're happy, that's all that matters to me.
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    Oh wow. I didn't know you could make cakes too. I wish I could try.

    So you don't have a significant other then, I take it. It's cool that you're at least celebrating the day in some other way.
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    It's all good. What have you been up to lately? you have any Valentine's Day plans?
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    Hey Lyndis! How are you doing?

    I was wondering whether or not you'd like to make up the last member to form the EoFF Mafia game that will be soon. I know you're fairly active and dependable, so I thought you'd be a great person to take part!
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    I usually just google recipes. I don't know what food I should learn to cook next...haven't learned anything new since scrambled eggs.

    Yeah I live fairly close to Canada's Wonderland. It's awesome. Last time I went was 4 years ago though

    Aww. I wouldn't take it too seriously don't worry. I'd want us to have fun together.
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    Oh okay. I'm not sure if I'd be interested in that, but I'm happy you have fun with it.

    I'd probably go with you, haha. Someone got me to go, so it'd be my turn to pay it forward and help you overcome your fear too. Are there any theme parks near where you live?

    Roy is tons of fun. I'm probably going to get Smash 4 on the Switch. Hopefully they include functionality for the gamecube controllers. Which controller do you use? And haha...I don't think you would. Not to brag, but I'm preeetty good.
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