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    Oh I do have the DS version of IV and III. I just HATE the music on the DS version. That was the main reason I went out and bought the PSX version. I need that classic OST. :P

    Runetunes definitely has some really chill music. The first song you recommended me seemed to have the same sort of ambiance and used some similar instruments. I thought it was cool.

    Yeah. All of the Zelda games have stellar soundtracks. I still think either Ocarina of Time or Skyward Sword have the best OST out of the series. Twilight Princess has a few fantastic tracks, but I think OoT and SS are truly incredible from start to finish. Every time I hear the Staff Roll theme from Ocarina of Time, I tear up because of how beautiful it is.

    I used to play mafia on another forum years ago. I grew up with the nickname Scruffy (the first part of my last name is similar), and that was my alias on the forum. In one particular game, there was a dude that kept referring to me as "Mr. Scruffington." He was the only person to do it and I found it hilarious. So I decided to stick with the "Scruffington" name permanently.

    How about yours? I can guess that the 'Highwind' part is from Final Fantasy, but what about the Lyndis part?
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    Oh you have it on PSX too? That's cool. I got that one mostly for FFIV because the DS version is a remake with the music and graphics redone. I wanted an experience more close to the original. I don't think they remade Chrono Trigger for the DS in the same way, so I'll get to experience both games in their original form which is cool.

    I listened to a few themes, and I have to say I was getting some...Runescape vibes. At least from the first tune you recommended me. Runescape had a pretty chill soundtrack so that's a good thing haha.

    Oh yeah, the controls aren't as bad as people make them out to be. Skyloft is great as a hub world. I actually think that Skyward Sword has the best story and probably the best soundtrack in the series as well. It also has one of my favorite pieces of music in all of gaming.
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    Yeah I've had this copy of Chrono Trigger laying around for ages. The one that was bundled with FFIV. I plan on playing through a bunch of older FFs and Chrono Trigger next year

    I'll definitely check them out sometime today if I can!

    What do you think about Skyward Sword so far? I'd love to hear your thoughts on it every now and then :P
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    Does it? I'll be playing it on my PS3 so it shouldn't be too big an issue And I have patience anyways.

    Galaxy really does have a great soundtrack. I think it really demonstrated how music can both tell a story and match the gameplay. And wow, that's super cool that you think of CC's music as being that good. I think I definitely have to listen to it now. Are there any themes from the game that stand out to you?

    Haha. I like too much music to narrow it down to just one song. There are so many good themes out there like Stickerbrush Symphony (DKC2) and Zelda's Lullaby (Skyward Sword). Can't just pick one. :P
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    Haha. I wouldn't mind trying your cooking. And I guess now I really should learn it then. :P And yeah I really want to play Chrono Trigger at some point. I have the PS1 version so I definitely think I'll be playing it in 2017.

    Favorite game OST? Super Mario Galaxy. There are a lot of great, great gaming soundtracks out there. Final Fantasy IX, Ocarina of Time and Skyward Sword to name a few. However, I think Galaxy has the best OST in all of gaming. And that's a big claim to make, but I truly think it's something special.

    How about you? Which would be your favorite?
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    Mhm. Do you appreciate a guy who can cook, then? Or would you be the one cooking for them?

    Xenoblade has a great OST, I definitely agree. And I actually haven't listened to CC before. I was listening to the Chrono Trigger soundtrack last night. I've never beaten the game, but the OST is incredible. I want to play it sometime soon because it's one of the few games that I've been really wanting to play for years and never had spoiled for me.
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    Well as a fairly poor university student, I've not been able to cook much haha. I usually live off of simple things like sandwiches and pasta. Every now and then I try to get fancy and change it up though. I enjoy making grilled cheese sandwiches with tomatoes and pepper sometimes. It's simple, but just a few ingredients can improve it a lot.

    I can enjoy Jpop sometimes too. It's cool that you understand my appreciation for gaming music What gaming OSTs have you been listening to?

    Nice to meet you too, Victoria!
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    I saw it! I really liked your drawing of Hitmonchan. I'm not really a good artist, so I couldn't do anywhere near as good as that. Haha.

    I'm trying to improve my cooking skills. It's actually pretty easy to just follow recipes. I want to be a good cook because I want to be able to impress my future girlfriend/wife. :P

    I listen to all kinds. Gaming music, chill music. Jazz, rock, etc. For the moment though I don't really listen to any particular bands that much really. I've been really into Ozzy lately, but that's about all haha. How about you?
    And thanks for your suggestion. I'll look into that.

    Also...what's your name? I'm Andrew.
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    Merry Christmas to you too, Lyndis!

    Do you have a drawing thread? I'd love to see some of your work. And hear your singing too :P I wish I were a better cook haha. It's something I want to improve on as I get older.

    My biggest hobby is definitely gaming. If I'm not playing I'm usually watching a stream on Twitch. I also really enjoy listening to music, watching some anime/TV series/movies, and at some point I plan to write a lot more. I'd like to try writing about games if I can.
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    What do you like to do outside of gaming?
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