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    Well RPGs are also generally easier games than platformers. :P

    I actually haven't started working yet. I'm going back home this Sunday and I'm most likely going to find work by the end of next week. That's the goal I've set for myself.
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    I never actually played too much Mega Man as a kid. Those games were really difficult. Mega Man 9 and 10 were probably the only ones I really played much of. Love the music from all the games though.

    I'd recommend it, but only if you feel like you're able to commit to it. There's a lot of reading and effort required to play it. If you can do that and you're willing, it's tons of fun. I'd recommend it.
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    Someone likes Mega Man. :P

    VIII won't be my next game...I've actually been playing through Persona 5 for a full month haha. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is coming in the mail today though, and I'll be playing that every now and then.
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    Yeah. It's just kind of ridiculous though. People are acting like a video game murdered their entire family. So many people describe the game as an "insult" which is ridiculous, lol.

    I really dislike FFXV, but I would never describe it as an insult to me. That's just ludicrous. It's a video game. I also really like VIII. Excited to play through it again sometime
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    Hey. Sorry, my sleep schedule has been really messed up lately.

    I haven't had much interest in writing lately. Or posting on the forum. I've been thinking of writing an article about FFXIII considering the overwhelming amount of hatred in a recent thread.

    Hope you're doing well.
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    Oh. That would be Metal Gear, not Metal Gear Solid :P

    You'll have to let me know how Twin Snakes is! It's the remake of the original MGS1, which came out on the PS1.

    I hope it's a good kind of busy Either way, you're getting out and that's cool. I'm actually most likely starting a new summer job landscaping in about two weeks. I get to be back home for the summer now. Pretty excited.
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    I've only played Persona 4 Golden and now 5, but they're fantastic. Definitely give them a try. :P Do you have the original Metal Gear Solid? I'd recommend playing that instead if you do!

    I hope your family is paying you for it I can't remember if you found actual work or not, but I'm glad you're managing to keep yourself busy.
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    Yeah, I've been playing some Persona 5, League and Overwatch lately. Really need to focus more on P5 though.

    I'm happy that the weather is getting nicer too! Are you just doing yard work for your family then?
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    Hey. Sorry, been fairly busy and tired lately.

    How are things with you?
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    Ah, don't worry about it I completely understand!
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