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    I usually just google recipes. I don't know what food I should learn to cook next...haven't learned anything new since scrambled eggs.

    Yeah I live fairly close to Canada's Wonderland. It's awesome. Last time I went was 4 years ago though

    Aww. I wouldn't take it too seriously don't worry. I'd want us to have fun together.
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    Oh okay. I'm not sure if I'd be interested in that, but I'm happy you have fun with it.

    I'd probably go with you, haha. Someone got me to go, so it'd be my turn to pay it forward and help you overcome your fear too. Are there any theme parks near where you live?

    Roy is tons of fun. I'm probably going to get Smash 4 on the Switch. Hopefully they include functionality for the gamecube controllers. Which controller do you use? And haha...I don't think you would. Not to brag, but I'm preeetty good.
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    I've never used Pinterest. I have no idea what that site is even about, haha.

    Heights really aren't that scary. I have even done some rollercoasters a few years back. For me, it took my best friend to motivate me to go on rollercoasters. Once I got over my initial fear and anxiety, I actually had a lot of fun. Of course, I didn't go on any of the massive rollercoasters. Just the small ones. I'm sure you can do it.

    I'm jealous. I want to experience the country life. :c

    Smash Bros is one of the series I'm really good at. Like, I can beat literally anyone I play against at that game. It's tons of fun.
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    No worries, people get busy.

    They're especially the worst because sometimes you might not even know you've been spoiled until you've played through part of the game. Then you see the part of the game from the thumbnail and you think "Oh no...I've been bamboozled."

    You hate heights? I used to hate them a lot more than I do now I still am afraid of heights, but only if I'm really high up. I take it you haven't gone on many rollercoasters then?

    I've never really lived in the country. I'd love to someday. My city seems to have a lot of country aspects to it, with how quiet and community-like it is. So I really enjoy it here.

    Good luck
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    Oh yeah, that's the worst. Sometimes you even get thumbnails that spoil things in-game for you. Because of that I try to avoid searching anything on Youtube related to the game I want to play until after I've finished it. It's a harsh world out there.

    That sounds lovely Sounds like somewhere I would want to live, haha. I also like the rain. Most of the time, anyways. It's kind of peaceful and relaxing. I've never actually been hiking or rock climbing before, have you?

    I live in Ontario. The city I live in right now is pretty close to the country, and is definitely less busy than back home where my family is. I used to live out on a main street so there would always be cars, police or ambulances driving by. Here's very rare. It's a really friendly and very welcoming community honestly.

    You're pretty close to the end of the game then
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    Well the game did just recently release in November. Naturally the game will be fresh in people's minds. To be honest though...this is probably one game where being spoiled would have made no difference to me. Of course, I won't spoil anything for you.

    I've never actually met anyone from Oregon. What's it like there? And what is there to see or do?

    Do you have MotionPlus? It helps a lot, but either way, the Harp controls are generally pretty simple. You just wave your hand left and right like you're a conductor (if I remember correctly).
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    You should try to keep yourself from being spoiled more if you can :P I honestly go to great lengths just to avoid spoilers. Especially when it comes to game series I really enjoy.

    I don't know if I ever asked...but where are you from? And don't you live or work on a farm? I would figure you'd be used to the summer heat.

    I'm glad you enjoyed it, that was one of my favorite parts too. I freaking love the Harp in Skyward Sword. When you first learned to play the Ballad of the Goddess was incredible. Really got me hooked.
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    It's probably best that you don't know much about it. Means that you're going to have a spoiler-free experience. Haha.

    Aw, I'm sorry that you don't like it as much anymore. I still think it's a really beautiful season. All of the snow and wildlife that comes with winter is really nice. The cold...not so much. :P

    To me the gameplay didn't really have any depth to it, especially not when compared to past Final Fantasy games. The characters were also fairly one-dimensional and never really developed much, which I didn't like.
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    You owe it to yourself as a gamer to play the Uncharted games. And The Last of Us. One of the best games ever made, period.

    That's actually a thing. I know there's an official term for it, but a lot of people actually get depression during the winter months. So it's completely normal.

    I didn't really enjoy the story or the setting of XV. I also thought the gameplay was fairly lacking. Gameplay is the most important factor to me in a video game, and I really didn't think XV's was anything more than just decent.

    Well the last part of Skyward Sword is a wild ride. You'll enjoy it.
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    Thanks. It's another 5+ year old set haha. I'm hoping to get a new one soon.

    The Uncharted series is easily one of the best in gaming history. I really think that Naughty Dog is one of the best game developers in the industry right now. You should definitely play all of their games for the PS3/4 if you can.

    What sort of things make you depressed or anxious? You can definitely talk to me about anything that's on your mind. I've been through a lot, including depression for years. I can understand what you're going through.

    I'm kind of a completionist when it comes to gaming. Haha. I almost always go for 100% completion in every game I play. I hope you enjoy XV; personally I found it to be a disappointment but it does have some good qualities.

    I think impatience runs in everyone's family. Mine included.
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