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    It looks pretty cool. I'll have to check it out when I get more free time. I still have the entire MMZero series to go through on my DS. I loved the first game and was happy to finally get the collection.
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    What are ya up to?
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    I'm afraid not, though I am friends with several die hard Mega Man fans but I don't think any of them know my handle or have the tech savvy to work on something like that. So it's just an amusing coincidence. Still a cool game though and I do love me some Mega Man.
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    The thing is, if a game wants me to care about its characters and believe that they're close, it has to make me feel something for them. Games like Persona 5 have you start relationships with various people, and you watch the bond between them grow as the game progresses. Obviously there are almost always going to be pre-established relationships, but the game HAS to make you feel something for them. Final Fantasy XV did not do this.

    The only real, serious character development between the characters happens in Chapter 9, when you have Gladiolus telling Noctis to wake up and stop lamenting over Luna's death. That was truly the only meaningful interaction between the two, and it happened at the end of the game. Ignis's only serious moment happens in the same section when he becomes blind. And Prompto's only "serious" moment happens in Chapter 13, when his "plot twist" was both forced and awkward. The entire party just brushed off a moment that should have been a big deal for him. Luna basically existed to make you dislike Ardyn and powerup Noctis via her death. She had no identity of her own. It's disgusting how badly they butchered her character, when the original Stella from Versus XIII was supposed to have a much more significant role than this.

    It's quite frankly unacceptable that the majority of the character development between the cast happens during the anime. If XV had those episodes IN THE GAME, and if it had more meaningful conversations and development between Noctis and his friends, I would have had a reason to give a trout about them. Without the anime, the game offers little reason for you to care at all about the people you're playing as. Final Fantasy is supposed to have more character development than just a couple of jokes during fights and "being bros."

    I really thought that Ardyn was kind of underwhelming, especially considering he was hyped up to be one of the darkest villains in the series. The dude doesn't even hold a candle to Sephiroth, Kuja, Ultimecia, Jecht, Seymour, or various other FF villains. The first TRULY evil thing he does to Noctis is kill Luna, and that doesn't happen until 9 chapters in the game. It's far too late and felt far too rushed. Even though he was obviously the main villain from the moment he appeared in the game, there was not enough buildup plot-wise before this point to make me care that much.

    XV definitely does have some great themes, especially Crystalline Chill. But I wouldn't be able to listen to a vast majority of its soundtrack in one sitting like I could for past FF games. Past FF OSTs are tied to the game's story or combat, and this isn't the case with XV.
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    I was hoping you would respond, but sure, we can agree to disagree if you'd like.
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    XV doesn't really go into his relationship with them, though. The game doesn't tell you how they met, why they're close or why they're even protecting him aside from him being the king. A bunch of witty one-liners and some banter during fights isn't brotherhood. If you want to see a brother-like character, Ryuji from P5 is the go-to guy. The cast of XV doesn't hold a candle to him.

    Ardyn was a pretty weak villain imo, to the point where I'm actually forgetting some details about his place within the plot. He just seemed like a very forced villain.

    Also, just because a game has good music doesn't make it a good game. The Sonic series has great music, but a lot of the games are ass. I actually found XV's soundtrack to be disappointing as a whole. It has good individual themes, but as one entire isn't as cohesive as past titles.

    I haven't ever played a Warriors game, so I'm excited to see how this one turns out!
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    The DLC was less than an hour long. Really disappointing. What exactly did you like about XV?

    I still plan to play Awakening and Fates. I'm also thinking of playing Warriors when it comes out on the Switch.

    Yeah, I might replay the original on PS4 and go for all the trophies.
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    Like I said, the DLC was underwhelming. Which is actually like the main game of XV itself. You aren't missing too much.

    Happy to hear you're enjoying it. I was actually thinking of playing some FE, but I didn't bring my 3DS with me for the summer.

    Yeah I've played Shovel Knight, that game is awesome.
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    I finally finished getting 100% in Persona 5 last week. Easily one of my favorite games of all time.

    I also played the Final Fantasy XV DLC, and I was really disappointed by how short it was. I still enjoyed myself, but it was a little underwhelming.

    I plan on playing through The Witcher 3 again soon. How about you?
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    How's MGS coming along?
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