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    It's going well! It's so hard though. It doesn't help that I've never played a game like that before, so it's harder for me to get a good feel for it.
    My brother gave me the new Fire Emblem: Echoes for my birthday, so progress on MGS might be slowed a bit haha. But I will definitely keep you updated on MGS.
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    I started a game on MGS Twin Snakes! I'm really liking it so far. It's really different from anything I've ever played. The story is very intriguing.
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    Yes, they are really difficult. I'm better at playing RPGs haha. And yes the music is awesome!

    Looks like all the spots filled up! Oh well, I'm not sure I'd be able to commit to it right now anyway. Watching is fun too.

    Have you started your new job yet?
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    Yes, Mega Man is one of my favs. Even though I'm not good at playing it at all haha.

    Oh boy, Mario Kart! I've only played 8 a couple times, but I liked it. I actually like arcade style racing games a lot.

    Hmmmm, I really want to join the next Mafia game, but I've never played an online game before, and all you guys seem to be good at it. I'm afraid I might mess it up somehow. What do you think?
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    I know. It is ridiculous sometimes. People need to take a deep breath and realize it's just a video game and there are better things to worry about.

    Yes, VIII is good! Is it going to be your next game?
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    No worries!

    Sometimes it's good to take a break for awhile. You can't force inspiration.
    Writing an article about XIII sounds like a good idea! And I know how you feel. I really like VIII, but not a lot of people do, so it gets made fun of a lot. You just have to not let it get to you and leave them to their own opinions.
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    How is your blog doing? I haven't seen an update in awhile!
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    Heyo !! If you are looking for FF13 friendly places- I recommend Tumblr's FF Fanbase and FF Reddit. I get tired of FF8 circle jerking, so can understand how you might be feeling.
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    I'll for sure let you know how it is!

    Yes, it's a good kind of busy. Landscaping sounds like a lot of fun. It sounds like good hard work.
    I can't wait for summer! I'm really looking forward to the nice weather. We've had record breaking amounts of rain over here.
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    No I don't have the original unfortunately. My brother has the original for NES.

    I'm glad I can keep busy too. It's been a busy year for my family in general. How is your job going?
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