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    Yes, I really enjoyed VIII. The story was a little hard to understand at times, but watching the characters grow and mature is what really made that game. It also has one of the hardest final bosses I've ever beaten. It took me like twenty tries haha. What's the hardest final boss you've ever beaten?

    Also my brother-in-law lent me "The Last Story". Have you ever played that one?
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    Cool! I'll look out for it.
    The love story in VIII is a close second to IV for me. It also has a lot of nostalgia for me too. I played it when I was eleven/twelve years old.
    I really liked SS as a whole. I loved seeing the history of Hyrule unfold. The dungeons were really good - my favorite one was the Ancient Cistern. That one may very well be my favorite Zelda dungeon ever.
    It definitely had its frustrating parts though. The Imprisoned was the worst! Having to fight him three times was such a pain. All in all though, I thoroughly enjoyed it! I'm glad I picked it back up again.
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    I just finished Skyward Sword! I finished it not 10 minutes ago. It was amazing! The final boss fight was EPIC.
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    You too!

    Wow, that sounds like a really good game then! I trust your judgement. You should write a review soon!
    Well, I really like Cecil's story. It took a lot of courage to do what he did - abandoning his high rank to do what he knew was right. Then he became a Paladin and redeemed himself. I also really like the love story. It's not too dramatic compared to the other ones. It's just a classic story about good vs evil and I really like that. Sure it doesn't have a really complex plot, but they tell a simple story very well.
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    Yeah I've been feeling pretty down myself, so I understand.

    I totally get where you're coming from with the social anxiety. I have it too. I'm getting better, but I used to be painfully shy and awkward. Just the thought of talking to people gave me anxiety.

    I usually resort to cleaning too. There's always cleaning to do.
    How was Tales of Berseria? Oh! I read your latest blog entry. I cant wait till you play FF IV. It's my favorite! I haven't been feeling that great so I haven't been playing much myself.
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    Of course, no worries!

    Well, for one, I need to get my anxiety more under control first. I can't really see having a healthy relationship at all until I get that sorted out.

    Well, I want to draw more (of course haha), and really just trying to be productive to keep my mind of things. It's hard though. Oh! And by the way, I made a new art thread! You should check it out.

    Have you played much of Awakening lately?
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    Hey, have you seen our podcast-like thing? It's pretty interesting!
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    Aw, thanks Scruff! I'm glad you think so. Again, it is my first time hosting, but if you have any feedback at the end, I'd love to hear it!
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    Ah, thanks Scruff!

    Are you enjoying the current game, by the way?
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    Oh! Haha I thought you meant you wanted to make a cake yourself. Well, it's all gone now unfortunately haha.

    Thank you. There's a lot of things I need to do before I'm ready to have a boyfriend.
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