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    I like your new sig! It's cool.

    I've actually never played any of the Uncharted games. I'm not sure I had ever heard of them before I joined this forum haha. I'm looking forward to the article!

    I'm glad you've been getting better! It's a hard thing to overcome, and I actually haven't completely gotten over my anxiety/depression. Once I get a job though, I should feel a lot better. It's just hard getting myself in gear to actually apply for jobs.

    Wow, it took you a few days to get 100% on everything in XV? I've never gotten 100% on a game before. I've come close though. Speaking of XV, my sister is going to lend me her Xbox One and her copy of XV so I can play it! I'm so excited!

    Well, impatience runs in my family a bit, but I'm slowly trying to get over it and practice being patient.
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    Thank you thank you
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    Hey, do you mind if I add a little image and promote your FFXII release date thread?
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    Yes, I am feeling much better now, thank you .

    I read your first article! Looks good! Looking forward to your first game review. What game are you going to do first?

    It's very true depression does take away your motivation to do anything. That's when you have to be truly determined to not let depression run your life. The more you force yourself to do things, the easier it becomes. This helps me a lot. For me, the worst thing I can do is just sit and do nothing.

    Wow! You finish games in a few days?! It's funny, I actually go through games pretty quick for my family. I have a lot to do at home, and I also have siblings who want the TV to play games too, so I can't really play through games that quickly haha.
    And thank you, I try to be patient since I have a natural tendency to be impatient.
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    It was hard hitting, definitely. It's funny because it came just after the 'Turnabout Big Top' of this game.
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    Hey Scruff! I've completed Case 5 of Spirit of Justice. It doesn't disappoint, though I did call many of the big twists that were revealed in the case. Which isn't a big deal, because I'm pretty good at spotting twists in this game.

    Just started 'Case Six' now, Turnabout Time Traveller. Compared to Turnabout Reclaimed, is it better or worse, in your opinion?
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    Sorry for the late reply. I haven't been feeling very well myself. I'm feeling a bit better today though.
    How have you been doing?

    I have had troubles with anxiety and some depression in the past as well. I find the best thing to do is to stay active. Eating well, getting lots of exercise and doing the things you like to do. That works for me anyway.
    The boss in the Fire Sanctuary is sooo frustrating. I had to stop last night before I got really angry. Hopefully I'll beat him today though.
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    You're welcome! I hope for your sake that you get a better job and a healthier routine. Hang in there!

    That's cool you're committing to playing the FF series in order! Even if it does mean not playing Fire Emblem as much haha.

    Yes, it's always good to have multiple hobbies! That way when you're feeling stuck or uninspired by one, you can just go to the next one.
    Also, I finished the Pirate Ship dungeon in SS today! That one was a little frustrating, especially with all the electric type monsters. I didn't enjoy this dungeon as much as the last one, but it was still neat. Onto the Silent Realm trial in Eldin Volcano!
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    I'm really sorry you're going through depression. If you ever need someone to talk to about it, I'm here!

    Doing one article at a time is a good idea, at first anyway. FF1 is a pretty simple game, so maybe you could start with that one? It would probably be easier to write about than Fire Emblem or Uncharted.

    Haha, that would be fun if we could battle each other's teams. You better train your units a lot though because my team is pretty OP!
    Yeah, I usually only play video games for 1-2 hours a day. I like to do my other hobbies like drawing cooking and reading too. I also help my sister and brother-in-law take care of their two young kids as well. What about you?
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    I will, thanks!

    Wow, that's cool you got it all set up already! Can't wait for the first article!

    Haha yeah, I like it a lot. My brother and I use to use Street Pass to battle each other's best units. We'd always be competing to see who could have the more overpowered team. So that's part of the reason I have so many hours logged into it haha. And yes, I did beat it on Classic Lunatic mode. That was challenging.
    Oh! I finished the Ancient Cistern earlier today! I really liked it. It was very enjoyable and I think it's one of the best Zelda dungeons I've ever played. I really liked the southern Asian style architecture too.
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