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    That makes total sense. I guess I should say I do enjoy a story with sad/dark elements in it, in fact I prefer them that way. But when a story is just dark and sad all the time for the sake of it, I tend to avoid them.

    Man, making an LP is harder than it looks! I did a test run a couple days ago, and it's hard to find things to say and I didn't realize how much I mumble haha. But I did enjoy it, so hopefully I'll find the courage to post on the forum here haha.
  2. Would you marry Welvet?
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    god, i wish velvet was my waifu
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    Would you use it if I gifted you When They Cry? :P
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    Well, it's natural to feel negatively when you see a sad/dark story play out. When you see the characters suffer, it's almost like your suffering with them, and that's where the negativity comes in. That's just me though. I'm pretty sensitive about that sort of thing.

    Well, I'm going to be posting a LP on the forum soon, so look out for it!
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    I'm excited to talk to you about XV when I'm done with it!

    Yes, I can see where you're coming from about liking dark themes. For me though, I'd get too into it and it would have a negative effect on me. I have a tendency to get waaay too into things haha.

    Also, I'm curious, have you ever done a Let's Play? I've been wanting to do one and I was wondering if you had any tips.
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    Sorry for the late reply. I was having some technical difficulties with my computer. I just had my tablet and I don't like typing long replies with it.

    I should say XV is a bit restricting. I really like it so far. The characters are the best part, though the story is a little hard to understand.

    I don't like dark themes because their dark moods rub off on me too much. I also don't like anti-heroes because I personally find them hard to root for. I like a happy medium between an anti-hero and a main character who is perfect. Like Cecil, for example. He still had his faults, but he worked hard to overcome them.
    As for the main character's design, I'm just not a fan of indecent characters in general.

    One of the forum members asked me to do art for a game they're making. I'm a little nervous, but hopefully I'll do well!
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    Yo. Are you on Steam?
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    Yes, I have started XV. I'm about 3.5 hours into it. I actually started it at my sister's house a couple months ago. I kinda forgot the controls when I was playing it last night haha. But I do like it so far. It's a bit linear though.

    Of course! I don't know if I'd ever play Berseria though. It sounds like it has a dark mood, and I don't really like anti-heroes. The main character's design put me off too. But who knows, maybe someday!

    Yeah, nobody in my family has gotten a Switch either. I can't wait to play BotW though! It looks amazing. I'm staying off any sites that might have spoilers haha.

    Oh! And I got my first art commission yesterday! I'm very excited .
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