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    As far as I know, I don't think FFI and II would have too many variations, especially II since I believe all of the game's use the Origins script for everything but the new dungeon content in the later ports. FFIII is a bit tricky since I think there is only one fan translation of the original NES version while the later ones deal with the 3D version that changes the story around a bit. I doubt much was changes since none of the games are story heavy though.

    FFV would be the next one I would find interesting, but it's not popular enough to probably have many versions. As far as I know, it has one fan translation, the awful PS1 translation which is based off an old script when the game was meant to be brought over on the SNES, and then the better GBA version which takes a few liberties, but honestly for the better.

    I know VII-X have issues. The PC version of VII fixes some grammatical errors but I know certain parts of the script are altered due to localization issues, though I think the biggest issues overall, and this goes for most of the series really comes down to the names of enemies and abilities. Course I feel finding a better translation for that one among the fan community will be easy. I think there have been at least five people on this forum who have been involved in a fan translation project alone. will be a good place to start.

    VIII also has some alterations between scripts, I know that Edea's speech at Deling is actually different as the faulty English script has been used by fans to give Ultimecia more justification for her motives whereas the Japanese script is really more about Ultimecia mocking the crowd. IX also has some things cut from it as well. Kuja is sup[pose to have some weird poetic rhyming thing for all his dialogue but considering the game had like a six month turn around between the JP and NA release, it was dropped with mostly likely a lot of other elements.

    FFX's translations issues largely have to do with the voice acting. lot of dialogue got changed around so that the lines would match the mouth flaps. I'm sure the main story is largely the same but some nuance was likely lost in the transition. As far as I know, only Auron really comes away accurately since his mouth is usually covered by his coat, so they didn't have to worry about making it fit.
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    Thanks for linking that translation article series. I've been learning a lot of interesting changes and tidbits for my favorite FF.
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