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What is settlement and graphic work - definition and structure

Graphic and calculation works cause many difficulties and students. After all, graphics are always clarity, attentiveness, pedantry. Calculations, in turn, are time and a bunch of numbers. But what to do if you have settlement and graphic work in front of you? This is twice as many difficulties, and many university students do not even take on this task, because on the shore they already realize that difficulties lie ahead.

What is settlement and graphic work

RGR means a study that reflects the results of a student's research.

This is a study based on the scientific materials of the student's work, but a prerequisite is the availability of calculations and additional materials such as graphs, charts and tables.

Structure of the GGR

A task is considered successful if it meets all the requirements and is compiled according to the correct algorithm.

The calculation and graphic work includes:

title block;
student task;
The RGR has the character of independent work and in this case it includes slightly different elements:

title block;
student task;
explanation of the theoretical component;
description of the object and subject of research;
assessment of the calculations and solutions that will help change the situation;
We advise you not to miss any structural element. If you leave out even one detail, the work will be incomplete and the teacher will lower your grade.

Rules for registration of RGR

Writing a paper is not enough. It is also important to arrange it in accordance with all the rules. This is quite difficult, since the study includes not only theoretical chapters, but also practical ones with graphs, diagrams and tables. And these elements have a lot of nuances in the design.

The usual settlement and graphic work should be 10-15 pages long.

All graphs and tables are printed out, but some universities require handwritten versions.

Also, the RGR can be drawn up on A4 sheets in a cage with frames. But this point needs to be clarified at the department at the university.

Registration of settlement materials

When applying, it is important to consider the following rules.

All symbols that are used in the work, related to settlement materials, must be indicated in the SI system.
If you use new symbols in calculations, then you need to add a decryption to them.
The values ​​used in formulas must have numeric values.
All formulas have their own numbering, separate from other elements of the GGR.
Also, if formulas are inserted without separating text, they must be separated by a punctuation mark ";" (semicolon).
Unknown elements of the formula should be deciphered with the word: "where".
Design of graphic materials

Graphic materials also need to be designed according to special rules.

Illustrations in the RGR must be numbered with Arabic numerals. Usually they are signed in this way: the first digit is the number of the chapter to which the figure belongs, the second digit is the number of the figure itself (for example, Fig. 5.3).
In the text, it is important to indicate that the words are supported by the drawing. This is done with an inline link.
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