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    "Canonicity: The issue here is that the English version of Final Fantasy VII is an official Square product that they agreed to release. It's not the fans who put out this interpretation, it is the aforementioned intellectual and legal owners. If they had wanted fans to only have one true translation, they would have only released the Japanese language version. Of course, then nobody would buy it, but you get the point."

    Eh~ not really. They have their official translator, of course. But every product has its official translator. That does not give it the same meaning and weight of truth the original version has. Imagine I write a story, someone translates it and adds little bits and pieces and I write a sequel then with nothing of it being acknowledged, because, of course it was not in the story in the first place. Would you actually complain about the next translation of the sequel not containing what was not a part of the story in the first place? Maybe you would. But it would be a flawed thought. And if the translator actually somehow manages to incoporate it even in the sequel would it suddenly get value of truth? No. It would be faithful to the English prequel but that's really it. You know, very, very much text in fiction gets changed and people later complain about how "this can be in the following works when this and that was said". But it is not the author's job to acknowledge every translation change - or error. And just because translations become official they don't get some value that I know I can trust 100%. I mean, what about translation errors then? That would mean they would practically not exist. And I assure you - they do. Hell, my German versions for PS1 that are all based on the US version contain full English or half English, half German text parts! I would never claim this to be something that has to be taken seriously! That's not how it works - thankfully.

    I could say a lot about this because this is a very big topic with many sub-categories and stuff. But hey, you might get screenplay from Nojima-san this time that is more to your liking.
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    - "Nanaki - English. I think that's an issue you will always have on Eyes on FF when debating subjects. For EoFF, as an English speaking community, the English version is the canonical one. I am not sure if you will like that, but being pragmatic that is the reality of EoFF."

    Except fictional canonicity is not defined through fans, language or everyone and their grandmother. It is defined through intellectual and legal owners. Everything else is just mere thought that ends up being paradoxical if every fan has the same right to be true with what he thinks.

    - "As far as "Need", [...]experience."
    Very true, fleshing out things makes things more colorful and lively. But you know why this is a non-issue for me in Final Fantasy VII? Because the main themes are all so present in the game that it is not necessary. What are the main themes? 1. Life; 2. Cloud VS Sephiroth; 3. Cloud's confabulation which seperates the part of his psyche that knew the truth and repressed it so it had to echo back to the surface to warn him until he restored himself; 4. Other minor themes (which are not so minor often because it is the fight of two old creatures in modern time through Sephiroth and Aerith though I would argue this all falls under the "Life" thing that has to be protected and stuff).
    You know, CD2 never was a big deal for me. The Great Materia was a thing and it was there. The reasons provided on spot were enough for me and once I wondered how this also worked together with the rest of the story the entire "life hazard, study of planet life, mako and materia, et cetera" thing immediately came back. The thing is I think at this point the only thing you can complain about is that, while the stuff is already there, your preferences of exposition were not fully met.

    - "As far as using the HM goes, I did mention this in the video - if you examine them you can get extra materia depending on the materia you have already collected. I made the point - why not "examine" the materia, get the bonus materia, then launch it into meteor?"

    So still wasting the planet's life as well as potential wisdom they could need for later?
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    - "That conversation takes place three quarters of the way through the Huge Materia quest. It should've been said at the outset"
    Except a comment of Nanaki already implied it. It was just very badly worded in English.

    - ""I don't need to bring in lore that was already introduced on CD1 just because some people want to hear it again on CD2. " I disagree. The events on Disc 1 took place many hours ago and a lot has happened since then. It is a basic principle of storytelling to set the stakes and to constantly reinforce those, especially in a video game medium where you are providing players with a task to do."
    By all means - no. The story throws the main concern of fragile life and how it is threatened from all sides so often in your face, it is not their job to say "oh by the way do you remember this? 1+1 = 2" If you really want to be more and more nitpicky with that then ultimately everything would need to be explicitly said and referenced once again and again and again and again. Or you could just question the situation and think about it yourself: "Hm, except for probably thinking that they could use it for Sephiroth why also could that also be a thing?" => "Ah, yes. The game talks about the study of planet life and all possible planet hazards (which by the way are present on CD2 as well other than what you guys claim because Sephiroth, Jenova, WEAPONs which specifically awake because they are there to erase danger, protecting the new life of the Condor, stopping the Sister Ray because as they even flat out say it is a bad thing and they have to stop it to save the planet) so probably this could be about one of the many reasons why the planet is actually in danger". It is conclusion.

    - "As such I don't believe in the argument of "Need" ..."

    With this and what followed after that you are basically partly already saying I am right. The author does not need to say it. And it is hardly any better to throw it in your face after already making the story bloat from "this hazard of the planet that has to be stopped" and "this one" and "this one". At this point this has nothing to do with bad writing. It is merely a thing of a) your preference or b) your "fault" (not really fault) for not thinking about the overall theme of the game that is more than just once mentioned. And as said, they even presented you another reason to use the Materia.

    - "Also, they don't borrow the Huge Materia's powers to save the planet. They sit there, inert, in Bugenhagen's observatory."
    That does not matter. If it was their original goal to use it and not destroy the planet's legacy their original intentions are not just retconned or anything. Also it was wise to hide it from Shinra. And your point is also a bit moot due to the fact that the Materia VERY WELL is given to you to use it. I don't know if you are aware of that but you can actually use it.
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    "There are generations of knowledge and wisdom inside the Materia. We're gonna borrow their powers to save the planet from Sephiroth.There's no way we can lose the Huge Materia. You understand that, right?"
    "Yeah, I understand. I understand that Materia is precious, and I also understand what you are thinking."
    Following dialogue of Cloud who does not want to sacrifice the Materia and Cid who does not give a damn because he wants his dream to come true and therefore bet on the power of science using the Materia. so basically MagiTek.

    I don't need to bring in lore that was already introduced on CD1 just because some people want to hear it again on CD2. The reasons are all there.

    - Materia is very powerful. It draws energy from the planet. Huge Materia is over 300 times stronger and therefore robs the planet from more.
    - If this Materia, this "knowledge and wisdom" that Cloud mentions, it is lost forever, both disrespecting the legacy of the planet as well as robbing it from the source material the planet needs to actually grow
    - While using Materia in general is not the finest way to go, Cloud at least only want to use it and not actually waste it completely.
    - Their plan is better anyway because Sephiroth is the summoner.
    - Et cetera.
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    Thanky thanky
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    Yo can you lift the VM think for KleinerKiller so he can post VM's, please and thank you!
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    awesome, the package will be ready. Run the RZ by me again?
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    Pfft, I give up.
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    Are you speaking in code or something, because I'm not seeing a package. Or a message about a package. Or, anything vaguely package shaped. Who's this 'she'? What's at '3'?
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    I did not receive any package, or message. I'm like, so confused right now.
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