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View Poll Results: Footballing poll for tradition even though there are only 3 of us

  • Gabriel Jesus is a king and it is the greatest tragedy that he has to play at Arsenal

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  • Bruno Fernanj is a shambolic fraud, his being mentioned in the same breath as KDB is a disgrace

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  • Graham Potter to Chelsea will end in tears for everyone involved

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  • Erling Haaland is a holy love cyborg from outer space and Mbappe isn't fit to clean his boots

    2 40.00%
    1. DK,
    2. Perducci
  • An option about Spuds because I have to but care so little about them I don't know what to say

    2 40.00%
    1. Psychotic,
    2. Spuuky
  • Idiot fans working themselves into a shoot over the 7 year curse will manifest Jurgens sacking...

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  • ...and will refuse to accept blame next year when Stevie G manages Liverpool into 15th in the league

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  • everton lol

    1 20.00%
    1. Rocket Edge