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Thread: Thread necromancy

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    Thread necromancy

    I'm aware that some people don't take too well to this, but I find myself doing it on accident quite a bit. I have my display settings adjusted to where the forum will display all threads, regardless of date. So I often stumble across older posts and am tempted to reply without checking the date beforehand.

    Is this too much of a problem? I don't think resurrecting a good topic really hurts the forums, or anything. However, I can try to pay more attention if it is an issue.

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    It tricks other people into thinking the thread is new, and then they start "replying" to posts that are actually months old. If you view a thread as a conversation, it's like one person continuing to talk while everyone else has walked out of the room without saying anything. The one person left will look and feel foolish.

    This is especially a problem in threads where people are asking for advice; the problem people were seeking help with may be long solved, and people may not really want to revisit the issue.

    It's also especially a problem with threads that have been closed for so long that people's views or opinions may have changed over the time the thread has lain dead.

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    Excellent answer, Dr Unne. That about covers it all.
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