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Thread: Goku vs. AC Sephiroth and Cloud

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    yes but we all know phoenix downs dont always work *cough* aeris *cough*

    and magic, what good would magic do if you cant see your enemy.
    Too big. <-- yeah i heard that one before

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    Did Goku have his tail during that tournament? I can't remember... Easy win right there if he did =)

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    Quote Originally Posted by tailz View Post
    yes but we all know phoenix downs dont always work *cough* aeris *cough*
    Phoenix Down can only "revive" in the battle dimension, not in the story. That is the reason. Sephiroth is made to be unbeatable. He only shows his weakness when fighting Cloud since he wants to toy with him. - Sephiroth and Goku can teleport- Sephiroth (psychic) and Goku (Fluidum) can fly- Sephiroth and Goku can move in light speed- Goku uses Chi, inner energy to fight, Sephiroth is made to absorb limitless energy like JENOVA, so he cannot explode like Yakon- Sephiroth reads minds and thoughts- Sephiroth uses psychic and ALL magic since he has the Cetra's magical knowledge, he can freeze Goku by just thinking of it or casting Stop- Goku resists many things and can definitely destroy Sephiroth, but he is like Buu; destroy ALL cells or he will return immediately- The sun destroys everything in Dragon Ball - Cooler, Broly (!) & Oozaru Baby - Sephiroth can use a real Super Nova and yes, it is real

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    This thread is so oooooold.

    (Goku totally wins btw.)

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