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    anyone else see this? i thought it was too crude for my tastes

    it was an ok movie

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    It's a terrible movie, but the kind of bad that I can at least sit back and laugh at. I'll always wonder what Jason Statham was thinking, but at least I was entertained the whole way through (even if for the wrong reasons).

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    Never hear of it.
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    I do want to see this... erm... did. After Vivi22's post, I'm having my doubts. I will probably never get around to seeing it, though.

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    The idea of this movie is solid. Basically a guy gets poisoned by some mean folks. He has little time to find a cure and races around town. Some of the things he does (drugs, fights, has sex at a bus stop) may not be subject matter for everyone. But the way the movie is shot is sweet. It has CSI moments where it zooms inside his body to show you what's happening to his physical state.

    Overall, its a little crude but well worth watching over say...any Steven Seagal movies
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    'Crank' is the type of movie I wanted to make, but not the stylistic method nor the specific circumstances that led to it being sux (I wanted to make a high paced movie with a similar opening premise where it starts with a guy waking up with something motivating him to run around destroying things). Still, because of this, I actually enjoyed the movie quite a bit, though usually I wouldn't like it.

    The only real problem with the movie is that after the opening nonsense, it gets too silly for its own good, and bad acting (even for an action film) prevented me from being totally hypnotised.

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