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    Default The Lancashire Hotpots

    Anyone else listen to them?
    They are amazing, and were I live is practically Lancashire so I can associate more with them. I think they come from St Helens, actually.

    Hear them here. They sing about emo kids (Oh, no, he's turned emo, he's looking like a goth and he's let himself go~) about chippy teas (In which my town, St Helens, is mentioned as here we call chips + peas a "Split") and Bitter Lager Cider Stout.

    They're a Comedy / Folk band, and you should really check them out especially the emo song

    He’s Turned Emo
    My mate Jeff
    I’ve known him for years
    He loves his Madonna
    And his Britney Spears
    But then one day
    I noticed a change
    We went all moody
    And he didn’t look the same
    His eyes looked black
    I said have you got a shiner?
    When I looked closer
    He were wearing eyeliner
    He’d straightened ‘is hair
    And combed it ovver ‘is eyes
    And all at once I realised…


    Oh, no
    He’s turned Emo
    He’s dressing like a goth
    And he’s let himself go
    He used to be listening to Simply Red
    Now he’s listening to Fall Out Boy instead

    Well he weren’t at the Labour Club
    For our regular line dance
    He just stayed at home
    And listened to My Chemical Romance
    I said you’re not an emo
    Lets forget this misdemeanour
    Come wi me and see
    Cliff Richard at the MEN arena
    He said “I’m feeling all emotional
    I don’t know why”
    I said its those tight trousers
    That are making you cry
    Come an have a pint a mild
    And you’ll feel fine
    And listen to Abba , not Bullet for My Valentine

    Well I saw him yesterday
    When I were walking to tha station
    I could tell from a distance
    he were wearing foundation
    He paints his fingernails black
    An It looks quite poor
    It looks like he’s caught his fingers
    In a car door
    He were wearing a man bag
    that said ‘Jimmy Eat World’
    I said thas wants fert eat a chippy tea
    Ya great big blummin girl, he said
    “I just want my emotions to be exposed”
    Emotions? Thas from Lancashire, thas not got none of those!
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