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    Default About Lion Heart

    I was watching UltimaShadow's solo Omega Weapon battle:

    YouTube - Waka Weapon part 1
    YouTube - Waka Weapon part 2

    And I noticed that he wasn't landing perfect Renzokukens. I also noticed he got a whole lot more Lion Hearts than I normally would, so I wonder whether purposely missing the trigger on a few Renzokuken hits affects "randomness" in getting either one of Rough Divide, Fated Circle, Blasting Zone or Lion Heart?

    BTW: I kind of remember from the last time I played the game (about 2 years ago, mind you) that I was coming up with Lion Heart with almost every limit break when Ultimecia used the 'reduce everyone to 1 HP' move. I'm really not sure. If someone could confirm this too, that'd be a handy bonus.

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    The number of Renzokuken hits, your party's critical status, or the position of the moon and stars in the sky has absolutely no bearing on whether or not Lionheart is chosen as the finishing move. The actual ratios elude me at present, but if memory serves me right then the game will favour Blasting Zone over the other three moves. If anyone observes anything to the contrary, it is by pure chance, and a true long-term sampling of the finishing moves chosen will eventually reveal the true probability.

    And before anyone asks because I know it will come up, no, upgrading to the Lionheart sword straight from Revolver will NOT result in you only having Rough Divide and Lionheart. When you upgrade your weapon you will gain all of the limits available to the weapons below that level, so in the case of Lionheart you will have Rough Divide, Fated Circle, Blasting Zone and Lionheart.
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    The youtube video outlived the official EoFF youtube channel!

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    To answer the question, Ultima Shadow is having incredibly good luck.

    The probability of which finisher you get is based on the gunblade you're using. Lionheart gives a 25% chance to activate any of the four finishing moves and is the only gunblade that will allow you to use Lionheart Finisher as well. Crisis Level only affects whether Squall will activate a finisher.

    What's interesting though is that every gunblade that isn't Revolver or Lionheart gives a higher percentage change to activate their strongest finishers. So Shear Trigger and Cutting Trigger give a 75% chance to use Fated Circle, while Flame Saber, Twin Lance, and Punishment give a 50% chance to activate Blasting Zone. Revolver meanwhile can only do Rough Divide, whereas Lionheart does the even split.

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