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Thread: The Serptent Scythe: It looked much better in my minds eye.

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    Default The Serptent Scythe: It looked much better in my minds eye.

    By all that is good and holy does it ever take ages to clean it up after being scanned .

    Anyways it came out ugly... though with my mind as clouded as it currently has been that isn't overly surprising[particularly when you add in the fact that I couldn't color to save my life].

    Mostly hand drawn with a bit of Photo-manipulation[namely the wings... no matter how many times I drew them I couldn't get it right. So I played with various filters and transformations till I got it mixed up a bit].

    I'll likely, once I am less dizzy, go up and try and make it so that the eye looks like it is in a socket rather than just pasted there[too much work with how I feel right now, and I figured I may as well see if it is even worth touching up].

    Anyways anyone have any idea on how to better implement the 'winged serpent' theme? The current wings are ugly as can be; but it was the only method that came to mind.

    Also if anyone is curious here is it in sketch form when I first scanned it in to play with some PS tools.

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    Oh God, this just reminds me of being in elementary school. I used to sit around drawing fantasy weapons all day.

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    YES! Necro hit the nail on the head so hard that it is very far into the piece of wood into which it was nailed!

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    Good times.

    A good place to start is the GF Quetzecoatl in FFVIII since he's the feathered serpent from Aztec mythology:

    Secondly it would be less jarring to hand-draw the wings.

    Thirdly the wings will look better flipped left to right and placed closer to the head. They should sweep back, not forward. Think Mercury's hat or the the Goddess of Victory.

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