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    I've been meaning to get back into cermaics, which I haven't done since high school. I really enjoyed it. That got me thinking about the projects I did in class. I dug some out and took some pictures. Hopefully if I do new ones, I'll post them as well.

    This started out life as a model of a kerosene lamp with a globe-shaped mantle. But the spherical part sort of collapsed on me, which made it resemble a mushroom. Making the best of a bad situation I decorated it with cream colored glaze on the base, blue on the upper part and black on the inside.

    Then an interesting thing happened. Some of the black glaze got on the upper outside part, which I tried to wipe off, but some got into the crevices. When the blue glaze was applied they mixed, producing electric blue streaks when the pot was fired. A happy accident.
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