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Thread: Mafia - Second Edition - Game Over!

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    Default Mafia - Second Edition - Game Over!

    Okay, time to start this bad boy up! I'll try to keep it short and to the point.

    The first post in this thread will be updated throughout the game. It will contain a link to the most recent update about what's happened in the game, so if you're not sure about what's happening, just check out this thread and click this link:

    Only use this thread to play the game. If you want to discuss things we could've done better or anything else that doesn't belong in here, please use this thread:

    You can send questions to I Took the Red Pill or Levian about anything and we'll do our best to help you out. You can also ask questions in the thread if you like, as long as it doesn't interrupt the game too much.

    Only post as your Mafia account in this thread. All posts by anyone not on the leftmost list below will be deleted :]

    Our happy players! (alphabetical)
    Aladdin Citizen
    Alice in Wonderland - Day 4 Mafia Godfather
    Baloo - Commuter
    Bambi - Naive Doctor
    Belle - Night 1 Citizen
    Buzz - Traitor
    Chip - Weak Doctor
    Cinderella - Day 2 Mafia Usurper
    Dale - Day 3 Mafia
    Dumbo - Citizen
    Hercules - Night 2 Citizen
    Mickey - Cop
    Peter Pan - Citizen
    Pinocchio - Citizen
    Pluto - Bodyguard
    Pocahontas - Citizen
    Quasimodo - Cop
    Robin Hood - Night 4 Citizen
    Simba - Miller
    Tarzan - Night 3 Faith Healer
    Triton - Day 1 Mafia
    Winnie the Pooh - Day 5 Mafia
    Who's playing (alphabetical)
    Baloki - Winnie the Pooh
    Del Murder - Pluto
    demondude55 - Dale
    DK - Chip
    Faris & The Summoner of Leviathan - Mickey
    Fire Breath Bowser - Tarzan
    Flying Mullet & The Fonz - Robin Hood
    Hazzard & smittenkitten - Quasimodo
    Jess & edczxcvbnm - Triton
    Jessweeee & Death by Moogles - Baloo
    Loony BoB - Peter Pan
    McLovin' - Aladdin
    Miriel - Belle
    NeoTifa & Jojee - Bambi
    Psychotic - Cinderella
    qwertyxsora Pocahontas
    Raebus & Shauna Dumbo
    Rengori & Scrumpleberry - Simba
    Resha & Lekana - Hercules
    Sergeant Hartman Pinocchio
    Shiny & Miriel - Alice in Wonderland
    ShlupQuack & f f freak Buzz Lightyear


    Day 1:

    Dale: Robin Hood
    Triton: Robin Hood
    Peter Pan: Triton
    Pluto: Triton
    Alice: Baloo
    Hercules: Triton (Sudden Death)

    Triton - 3 votes
    Robin Hood - 2 votes
    Baloo - 1 vote

    Day 2:

    Cinderella: Mickey
    Pluto: Mickey
    Hercules: Dale
    Bambi: Dale
    Winnie: Mickey
    Peter: Cinderella
    Aladdin: Pinnochio
    Chip: Bambi
    Baloo: Buzz
    Bambi: UNVOTE Dale
    Bambi: Cinderella
    Quasimodo: Cinderella
    Robin: Cinderella
    Buzz: Cinderella
    Alice: Pluto
    Buzz: UNVOTE Cinderella
    Hercules: UNVOTE Dale
    Buzz: Cinderella
    Cinderella reveals she is an usurper
    Hercules: Cinderella
    Dumbo: Cinderella

    Cinderella - 7 votes
    Mickey - 3 votes
    Pluto - 1 vote
    Buzz Lightyear - 1 vote
    Bambi - 1 vote
    Pinocchio - 1 vote

    Day 3

    Peter Pan: Bambi
    Peter Pan: Unvote Bambi
    Pocahontas: Bambi
    Robin Hood: Dale
    Pocahontas: Unvote Bambi
    Mickey: Dale
    Bambi: Dale
    Winnie the Pooh: Dale
    Peter Pan: Dale
    Winnie the Pooh: Unvote Dale
    Winnie the Pooh: Alice in Wonderland
    Pluto: Dale

    Dale - 5 votes
    Alice in Wonderland - 1 vote

    Day 4

    Winnie: Alice
    Bambi: Alice
    Chip: Alice
    Quasimodo: Alice
    Baloo: Winnie
    Aladdin: Winnie
    Robin Hood: Winnie
    Dumbo: Winnie
    Peter Pan: Alice

    Alice - 5 votes
    Winnie - 4 votes
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    Possible roles in this game:

    Beloved Princess - Pro-Town - If she dies, the next day will be her funeral and there won't be a lynch that day.
    Politician - Pro-Town - Can buy someone's vote each day.
    Roleblocker - Pro-Town - Blocks night activities of the targeted person,
    Miller - Pro-Town - Turns out Mafia on cop investigations, but isn't actually Mafia
    Bulletproof - Pro-Town - Can't be killed at night
    Hider - Pro-Town - Can hide behind people at night. If he's targeted by a mafia while hiding, he won't die. But if the person he's hiding behind is targeted, they'll both die.
    Reviver - Pro-Town - Can revive someone once during the game.
    Bodyguard - Pro-Town - Can choose someone to protect, if that person is attacked, the bodyguard will sacrifice himself to save that person.
    Elite Bodyguard - Pro-Town - Same as Bodyguard except the Elite Bodyguard manages to kill the Mafia before dying himself.
    Faith Healer - Pro-Town - 50% chance to protect someone. Can't protect themself.
    Commuter - Pro-Town - Can choose to be immune at night, but this ability can't be used two nights in a row.
    Naive Doctor - Pro-Town - Doctor without powers, the doctor himself won't know that he doesn't have any powers.
    Weak Doctor - Pro-Town - Functions as a regular doctor except he dies if he protects a mafia.
    Paranoid Doctor - Pro-Town - Protects and roleblocks target
    Insane Cop - Pro-Town - Always gets wrong result. Mafia will turn out innocent and innocents will turn out Mafia.
    Back up Cop - Pro-Town - If all cops die, the back up cop will continue the investigation for one night only.
    Back up Doctor - Pro-Town - If all docs die, the back up doc will continue protecting for one night only.
    Watcher - Pro-Town - Selects a target to watch, the watcher can then see if that person targets other people that night. Basically, they'll figure out if a person has a night activity.
    Gunsmith - Pro-Town - Can see if someone has a gun once every night. Both mafia and cops have guns
    Vengeful townie - Pro-Town - Can shoot and kill one person if he's lynched
    Mafia Roleblocker Pro-Mafia - Blocks night activities of the targeted person, will typically want to try figuring out who the doctor or cop is and block them.
    Mafia Hitman - Pro-Mafia - Can't be roleblocked
    Mafia Godfather - Pro-Mafia - Can't be detected by cops. Will appear as an innocent citizen
    Traitor - Pro-Mafia - knows who the mafia is and helps them, but is not a mafia
    Mafia Usurper - Pro-Mafia - Works as a mafia, but can only win the game if the godfather is killed. A Mafia win is also needed for the usurper to win the game.
    Survivor - Neutral - His goal is simply to survive the game, he doesn't care which side wins.
    Jester - Neutral - His goal is to be killed by his own people, by being lynched.
    Lyncher & Lynchee - Pro-Town & Neutral - The Lyncher is neutral, and his goal is to get the lynchee lynched. The lyncher knows who the lynchee is, but the lynchee himself doesn't know he's a lynchee.
    Lovers - Pro-Town & Pro-Mafia - The lovers will consist of one innocent and one mafia, if one of them die the other will commit suicide.
    These roles will be used for sure:

    X Mafia
    1 Mafia Godfather
    X Citizen
    X Cop (or cop variations, like watcher or insane cop)
    X Doctor (or doc variations, like faith healer or paranoid doc)

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    Hi, so let's discuss stuff.
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    Robin Hood

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    I accuse these people of being mafia on the grounds that they haven't posted yet:

    Alice in Wonderland
    Peter Pan
    Winnie the Pooh
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    Oh yes, all those people are mafia. Hurray! We win.
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    I'm all business, folks.

    Look at the last Mafia game thread. Who won? The Jester did. So let's make this absolutely clear: There are three factions. Not two. Three.

    I'm going to make it my mission to find the jester first, because I'm sure the rest of you are well-equipped to find the mafia without me. When I find the jester, mafia, I am going to need a favour from you: cap that fool. It's to your benefit too, because if the jester wins, you also lose.

    And of course, I am hoping that my mission to find said jester will save me from being bumped off in the night for a bit. C'mon, I'm doing all the hard work for you.
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    If the length of the nose in my avatar increases then yeah.
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    But maybe you are the jester.
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    Y'know I haven't seen The Jungle Book since I was little

    I would act like Baloo if I knew how
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pocahontas View Post
    But maybe you are the jester.
    But maybe you are the jester.
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    hey so ive never done this before. mafia sucks
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