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Thread: Austin Mini Cooper S (1964)

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    Default Austin Mini Cooper S (1964)

    Okay, so around 2,700 triangles all up. I had to model and texture this for a project -- texture isn't that great, but it is pretty much one of my first texture maps that I've made.



    Tell me what you think.

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    a MINI! *bows bows bows* Beautiful beautiful

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    How long did this take you? (: It's very good!
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    The shame about this place is that it has good artists but they are too much like artists...inward, shy. I wish there were more posts.

    It is great work, do you intend on using it in a video?

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    Thanks guys.

    It took me around 3 days to model out, the third day was just fixing up some small errors and being lazy. Then it took me 1 day to texture, I could spend more time and make it look better, but I am too lazy.

    It'd be nice to see it driven in a game engine or something -- maybe that is the intent of our lecturer to do with all the stuff we create this semester.

    "... and so I close, realizing that perhaps the ending has not yet been written."

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    Nice! I would have made the bare metal and glass surfaces a little bit more reflective, but the rust spotches and the mud are very realistic. I could see it very well in a driving game.

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