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    Default Its about time!

    Sorry to be abother - but do Tan or Loony BoB or anyone have a .jpg of the 8 "Time" paintings I did for the EOFF Top Artist Challenge early this year? I left my place of work and didn't take those files with me - doh! Any help gratefully received.

    They were:
    Keeping an eye on time
    Times Up
    Time stands still
    Old Timer
    Precious Time
    Hands of time
    Time is money
    Every time a coconut

    Please email to if you have a copy.
    Many thanks!

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    I don't have the paintings, but I did find these:

    The first 5...
    ...and the last three.

    I hope those are the right ones.

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    Yes! Thats them - thank you so much. Since have sold some I thought I had lost all evidence of them.

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