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    I loved this game, however I left my ds at home (at uni now) and wasn't able to play for a few months. Can someone point me to the direction of a specific storyline ? I can't stand playing a game after forgetting what happened, and everything I search for just gives me a broad synopsis. I was looking for a detailed storyline. I'd hate to start the game over because of this. Thanks!

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    Okay, you start out playing as one of the four orphans. You fell down a hole, and have to explore a cave. But, lo and behold, MONSTERS! Goblins to be precise. You break their necks and proceed forward. You eventually find a talking crystal, defended by a giant Koopa Troopa on Steroids! You kill it miraculously. The Crystal dismisses you to the outside world, and you reach your home town.

    You find your best friend being mugged! So you kick a bunch of asses, take a few names, but your friend runs away. Dummy. You head to a town full of ghosts! Your friend ran there of all places. You two realize you'll be heading out on an awesomesauce adventure, so you join together to kick even MORE ass and take even MORE names.

    You find a ghost named Cid, who says the whole town was cursed by a spirit, and only a Mythril Ring will save the town! You're informed of an Airship that can get you to the castle where you'll find one. When you get there, there's a hot chick waiting for you in the Air Ship! But she's not nice in the least. She's all, "zomg I liek totally made the partz 2 da ship respect me", but you surpass her in your wits. She joins your party.

    You head to the castle. It was cursed too, but there's one guy who wasn't cursed, and he joins your party. The king of the castle tells you the Mytrhil Ring is in the hands of his daughter, so you've gotta find her in a cave near-by. So, you take the Airship with your party of four, and go to the cave.

    You find the princess about 5 steps into the caves. She says she'll give you the ring, but she's going to kill that spirit with you! Wait, we're killing him! liek zomg.

    You find the spirit! Hoo hah! So you kill him, banish him, the works. Then you go back to the town and castle and free them! But then you disappear and the Crystal says you're destined and gives you sweet stuff. What a nice guy!

    That's all the stuff I can remember off the top of my head. >_> Sorry.

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    There's this powerful guy who decides to give his three peoples, who happen to be Droga, Unne, and Zande gifts before he goes away forever. Zande got the gift of human life, and thought it was a horrible gift so he decided to destroy the world by disrupting the balance of light and dark. In doing so he causes an earthquake near the town of Ur. This earthquack opened up a cave and four adventurous boys decide to explore it. They find the Earth Crystal in the gave and if grants them the power of light to stop Zande, so off they go to save the world.

    That's the NES version of the story

    Bork Bork

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    That's really all you need to know :]

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