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    Quote Originally Posted by Meowth View Post
    Slowpoke, chill out man. Screaming at Kadabra is not going to get us anywhere at all. Kadabra is answering logically and you're trying to play to emotions, and you're doing your cause more harm than good.
    Quote Originally Posted by Slowpoke
    and also I would be very suspiscious if Meowth did not vote against kadabra because he is the reason I am going after Liars and would have never thought of that.
    This is unbeliviably unfair. You're trying to bully me into voting how you want with threats. Honestly, Slowpoke, that's just not cool at all, and if anything it makes me more suspicious of you than Kadabra.

    I'm going to analyse the situation more and I'm going to make up my own mind. I might decide Kadabra is supsicious, but I'll vote for him because I think he is, not because you tell me to. Fellow townies, I urge you to do the same, rather than to be swayed by threats.
    Ok this was a test I did, and it hurt my cause in terms of getting Kadabra lynched but Meowth's hit didn't hurt as much as I thought it would.

    This proves to me that Kadabra and Meowth are both Mafia. I had suspiscions of Meowth and Kadabra together already because of anylized votes. He is very slyly going to help Kadabra and going to vote against me. but before doing so he wants to sway some votes. right now the actual vote count would be 4-3, with 4 against kadabra if I have predicted the currently involved people's votes.

    So what we need to do is get Kadabra lynched and Meowth killed during the night. While also protecting me from Meowth.

    The true purpose of this test was not to prove Meowth was Mafia, but Kadabra, because if Kadabra turned out a citizen I'd be screwed.

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    That proves nothing. You where VERY sloppy the way you put that down. Of course Meowth wasn't going to go with you, because you did threaten him. No one ever reacts positively towards threats.

    You seem obsessed that Meowth is mafia, but I'm still weary toward that idea... But unlike last night, making a move toward him tonight is a MUCH better idea then last night. Last day Meowth a feud with me that basically made us both untouchable that night, or else the other would be lynched the next day (something I am 100% sure on).

    Killing Meowth could be a proper move... but only if you don't fight him anymore.


    My biggest strong spot is numbers and statistics so I figured there had to be some way to apply them to this situation...
    I figured out a way...

    Think about this.
    No one was killed.
    We chose Psyduck
    This means at least 1 doctor was protecting Psyduck.

    We know there is another mafia faction because of Butterfree's death...
    That means there was a second vote to kill.
    That leaves a few possibilities to how no one died.

    1 is that there is a 1 doctor and both Mafia factions chose whoever he was protecting...
    Or that there is 2 doctors and both Mafia factions chose different people and the doctors got lucky.
    The first scenario is almost twice as likely as the second.

    So we should assume the other Mafia tried to Kill Psyduck.

    The next step is to figure out... who would want to kill Psyduck and why.
    Meowth is the lead for this. Not only would it have gotten rid of any ideas left that Meowth and Psyduck where both in the Mafia, but it would also from his perspective get rid of a likely backup cop.

    So right now Meowth is the proper choice for a kill... as long as you don't get in any feuds with him. Notice how influential he's been, if he's dead and one of us look like we can take the blame then we are in a bad situation.
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