Ok, you guys have left me no choice but to reveal my role, which isn't a big deal, my role is pretty much over now anyway. But I really would've preferred to keep it a secret because it gives the Mafia a higher chance to find a doctor or a cop. My role is Hunter.

A Hunter is a person who can investigate people at night and determine if that person is a serial killer or not. In this case, the serial killer is called Werewolf. That's why I planted some seeds in the beginning of the game that there might be a serial killer in this game, just so you, citizens, would be more aware. Here's my post on Day 1. This was before the serial killer died:

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I don't take any of this too seriously, and I don't think anyone else should either. I don't think Del and I need to "defend" anything cause for serious, guys. This round is gonna last like a few days at most. It's just for fun. And like we've said, we're gonna give it a shot, see how it works out, try and have some fun.
Take notice of the bolded out part. This round will only last a few days? How do you make a game with 22 players last only a few days? If people die rapidly, then surely the game will be over pretty quick, right? Which is why I think there might be some kind of serial killer in this game. So we should definitely be alert of that. If there is a serial killer in addition to mafia then two citizens will die each night. Sure, the doctor will have a higher chance of protecting someone, but it still means we have to be more clever during days. But I could be wrong, maybe Miriel has a pretty loose definition of the word "few". I guess we'll find out once the first night is over.
So that's why I focused on the word serial killer rather than another mafia faction... I see it has confused a few people and caused people to think I was a liar. Obviously my little plan of tipping you off backfired right into my face.

This is also the reason why nobody died tonight. The serial killer died, and the other mafia group attacked someone who got protected. There's only two factions in this game now that the serial killer died. Lucky for us.

Of course, this means my role is pretty much useless from now on, but at least it means I'm not a bad guy.

Now please believe me on this, Slowpoke IS a member of the Mafia, the REAL mafia, and there are not any other werewolves in this game. Don't let him manipulate you, don't go with the flow. He doesn't have any evidence, yet he claims in every direction he can think of.

Lynch Slowpoke today, investigate me tonight.