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Thread: Mafia IV - Official Game Thread (Game Over: TOWN WIN)

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    I like seeing my name on that list

    But dear god, do NOT capitalize foa's name. I'll learn you!

    Unvote: foa
    Vote: eestlinc

    (I'm so bored, could you guys post more? Or send me your hair?)

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    oops, sorry.

    Updated list

    Del Murder-Vote: Loony BoB
    fire_of_avalon - Vote: Loony BoB
    fire_of_avalon - Unvote: Loony BoB
    fire_of_avalon - Vote: Azar
    Loony BoB - Vote: Yameneko
    Loony BoB - Unvote: Yameneko
    Loony BoB - Vote: fire_of_avalon
    Loony BoB - Unvote: fire_of_avalon
    Loony BoB - Vote: eestlinc

    Vote Tally

    Loony BoB 1 (Del Murder)
    Azar 1 (fire_of_avalon)
    eestlinc 1 (Loony BoB)

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    Someone's going through and editing all my posts to include ## before the votes I suspect Miriel. Obviously suspicious behavior.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miriel View Post
    When making your official lynch votes, do it in bold in this format please:
    ##Vote: StaffPersonA
    ##Unvote: StaffPersonB

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    so many votes!

    ##Vote: BoB

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    I stand by my vote!

    She's trying to get rid of incriminating evidence. I unvoted eestlinc and voted Miriel and now it's deleted

    ## Vote: Miriel

    Seriously, what a perfect strategy! Kill rubah, then commit suicide to make yourself and your comrades look innocent. Yeah, I'm on to you.

    Edit: Leeza's obviously a bird killer I won't hold it against you.
    Last edited by [M] Dee; 12-20-2007 at 08:07 AM.

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    Aw they started this when I was asleep. And now I have to go to school! Why do you guys always do this to me :P

    Anyway, I think I'd like to add my two cents before I go to school. I think we should lynch someone who's inactive. It'll stop Mafian people from trying to avoid being here, and avoid posting. And if tha Mafian's don't post then we can't pick them out... unless we scare them into posting.

    And with that said I need to go to school for the next 8:30 hours

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    Okay, it seems like we're heading down the random highway, which is ok for Day 1. Not like there's anything to cast suspicion on anyway, at least I'm not seeing anything, so my vote will also be pretty random.

    and to whoever said BoB was quick to defend himself, obviously BoB will defend himself when targetted, who wouldn't?

    Quote Originally Posted by Loony BoB
    And what help did he actually give with that long post? Sure, it's long, it's intelligent sounding, but where's the actual substantive helpful content?
    Maybe most of that post was obvious to you and some others, which is a good thing, it was directed at more inexperienced players. What made me wrote it was that I've been watching the 3 other games, and since alliances are out of the question, I think there's more the townspeople can work on. That would pretty much boil down to making up your own mind instead of following the crowd to save yourself. I know it sounds tacky, but it's true.

    Seeing as I have no real reason to vote for anyone, I will vote for foa simply because she voted for me, and also because the only thing I know in this game is that I'm innocent, so that's suspicious to me. My vote can easily change during this day, though.

    ##Vote: fire_of_avalon

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    I think BoB is way suspicious...I'm not understanding why he's changing his votes eighty times a day! Makes me think he could be the jester...or perhaps that's what he wants us to think.

    I may change my mind later, but for now:

    ##Vote: Loony BoB

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    (Psst...Yams is still visible!)

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    now, why does someone have to vote for me BoB is it just because you hate me for being an old miserable man? I'm with you about the whole Azar thing, he's really posting nothing of value it could have been said in 2 lines, plus he is willing to take a hit or "personal risk" as he puts it, suspicious no? And then theres foa, she's being so, so strange it's almost surreal also suspicious. There we are looking at 2 dead staffers, and the kills had to be done by a staffer and not to mention has anyone seen micheal and warren? where are those two? thats suspicious too...they've gone missing I say we find out who knows their whereabouts and then lynch them. Still first vote:

    ##VOTE: foa

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    BoB is trying to convince us that he's a citizen, which means that he's not a citizen. Like Bush said about going to war in Iraq or trusting the word of a madman. HE'S GUILTY BECAUSE HE HAS TO BE FOR MY OIL! D:

    Also, he's bitter, so the best thing we can do is put him out of his misery. *nod*

    ##Vote: Loony BoB

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    Wow. A lot of random votes here. But I disagree with whoever said that we should vote someone off due to inactivity.

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    I don't think the mafia even need to make a move this day xD The only person who voted for me who I'm more suspicious of is Leeza, I can feel a great evil emanating from him Take notes kiddies.

    Quote Originally Posted by Yams
    is it just because you hate me for being an old miserable man?
    I am a man of my word.

    And from the last two games, the best thing the mafia can do is stay inactive - or at least fairly inactive with a few posts of insubstantive content. By posting you bring suspicion to yourself, and most people would rather lynch someone they're suspicious of than someone they don't know about.

    But seriously, I think Leeza is mafia. You guys can go after her after you lynch me maybe

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    You have 6 hours to vote.

    Loony BoB - 4
    fire_of_avalon - 2
    Azar - 1
    eestlinc - 1

    Have not voted:
    Behold the Void
    Kawaii Ryűkishi

    Get to it people!

    Proud to be the Unofficial Secret Illegal Enforcer of Eyes on Final Fantasy!
    When I grow up, I want to go to Bovine Trump University! - Ralph Wiggum

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