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Thread: Signature Service

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    not a signature, but Id like a song cover designed. could this work?
    on spotify
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    all that ish

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    I've got a bit of a weird request for anyone who's up for it. I want something that combines Jim Morrison with Vincent from FF7.

    I have prepared two pictures that should be the right dimensions - I'm just not sure if Vincent will be the right size to put in the audience - I've resized the original image, hopefully it will work. He's facing the other way so hopefully he can be rotated to face the stage?

    If this doesn't work and you want to use your own Jim Morrison/Vincent concept, that's cool too. I can also reattempt the resize if you think the original files won't work but want to use them. Also if you want you can add in the text "Smiter of the storm."

    Jim on stage:

    link to original:

    link to resized:


    Vincent to be added in and rotated:

    link to original:

    link to resized:

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    Does anyone here still make avatar & signature sets?

    I was looking for a new one (considering this one is 5+ years old) that is similar in style to my current one.

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